My Own Enemy Is Myself

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A war veteran reflects on his past

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



My own enemy is myself
My nightmares fuel my dependency
I served this "great" country 
I watched all my friends die at the hands of the government 
In the absence of love and friendship, I fell to the false promises of happiness and euphoria 
But I wish I died in the field with my brothers, instead of being left to rot 
The badges do not mean anything to me 
They all tell me that I did our country good, but did I?
I'm just another cog in the machine 
My friends of the past are just numbers and statistics, no longer people
Why couldn't I be blessed with death? Why must I linger on with no purpose?
Every day alive is a cold and harsh reminder of what happened out there
Those who died in the battles are lucky
For they have done their duty, and their roles are fulfilled
How I wish I had died, so I could be with my friends once more 

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