An Update: Medusa Powers, May 2017. *Fiction*

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A woman in Texas who was once homeless is now living the good life. She is married and is loving life. She is also in the process of adopting two children from foster care.

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Fort Worth, Texas, Saturday, May 27, 2017, 11:05 a.m., C.D.T.~

Dear Journal~

Howdy, as they say here in the Lone Star State of Texas, where I call home!  

This is your friend, Medusa Morgana Powers; I hope and pray this finds y'all well and happy.  We couldn't be any better; we are livin' and lovin' the good life!  I have been happily married for nearly four years now (can you EVEN??) to a fine man named Marcus, who treats me like a queen, and we are in the throes of adopting not one, but TWO childen from foster care!

The kids have been staying with us for quite a while now and we have bonded with them, and they, us.  They are so sweet and loving; their names are Jourdan Tyrell and Ermine Lucretia; they are six and four years old and are so precious!  We love them so much!  We should be hearing from the court soon, to see if we have been approved to adopt Jourdan and Ermine; we are praying that they say "YES"!!

Healthwise, I have been doing fantastic.  I got all my teeth fixed and now I can't seem to stop smiling; I also have my asthma under control: I haven't had a bad attack in several years and it's been since 2011 since I last had to go to the hospital.  I pray this continues to be the case.  My diabetes is also under control; I take insulin by way of pills and my blood sugar stays within the normal range and I watch carefully what I eat or what I do so I don't run into any problems.

Hard to believe that less than seven years ago I was livin' on the streets, broke and homeless. Now I work at a bookstore here in downtown Fort Worth, Texas (been there several years and I absolutely love it; as I write this, I'm sittin' outside, enjoyin' the nice weather, though it's a bit on the humid side; we could get storms later if the cap busts, but I'm prayin' and hopin' the cap holds; if storms do form, we could have very large hail, damaging downburst winds, and even an isolated tornado or two).  Such is life here in Texas in the springtime: it's severe storm season; we can get some really nasty storms!  

I just hope that if we do get storms and it decides to hail, we don't get gorilla hail (softballs or larger) to where it busts out the windows or dings my car to heck; I don't have to want to go back to the car dealership and have 'em fix my car again when I had that done last month due to a hail storm that wrecked havoc on our area! Once was more than enough!!

Anyway, back to my story: I am lovin' being a mama to two beautiful children: Jourdan and Ermine are so smart and they are quite well behaved, now that they know what it's like to have a mama and a daddy to love 'em and care for them.  They were little beasts in the beginning, but time and lots of love and discipline have tempered them down and they are wonderful kids!  Marcus and I love them to the moon and stars and back!  It's getting to where we can't imagine not having them in our lives!

Monday we are going to a Memorial Day tribute and then a picnic lunch and then we are going to go to the cemetary and lay some flowers at Marcus' daddy's grave.  His daddy was a Veteran who served in the first Gulf War; he was in his middle forties when he passed due to problems from his injuries he incurred while in battle.  We miss him terribly.  He died four years ago; the children never knew their adopted granddaddy, but I did, and he was a wonderful person who loved his country and God and was proud to have served.  He was in the United States Air Force.

Thursday, June 1, is the last day of school for Jourdan; he will start first grade in the fall.  And Ermine will start kindergarten then, too.  Exciting times for the children; they are truly growing up into little people!  They are no longer babies!

We don't know what all we have planned for the kids, but multiple trips to the Fort Worth Zoo, Six Flags over Texas, the Japanese Gardens (where Marcus and I got married nearly four years ago, on June 5th, 2013!), and to the Science Museum are in order.  We also plan on taking the kisd to Sea World in San Antonio and tour the River Walk and also the Alamo.  Maybe next year if life continues at its current pace we can even take the kids to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida, or maybe, perhaps, take 'em on an Alaskan cruise!  We have lots of dreams for our little family!  But right now we are concentrating on the upcoming adoption date at the courthouse and pray that we are accepted and that Jourdan and Ermine become our son and daughter! That would be a dream come true!

Well, I'm going to go next door to El Chimichanga's and get a burrito and Mexican rice for lunch before I clock back in at work; I then will work 'til five and then join Marcus, who is off his job today and is playing Daddy to Jourdan and Ermine.  I will write in here again another day; until then, this is your Texas friend, Medusa Morgana Powers, signing off!  Take care and may the good Lord bless y'all mightily! Pray that we get approved to adopt Jourdan and Ermine; any and all prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated, needed, and welcomed!  Thanks in advance!

~Love, your friend, Medusa.  :)

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