The Most Important Canadian Social Service

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This is an essay on whether or not "free" health care in Canada is truly the best social service there is. Okay, to be brutally honest, I've been posting a lot of essays because I promised daily content, and now the only thing I've had time with lately was homework... Oh, well. I'll be perfect later.

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Canada is known to be “the land of free healthcare”. But is healthcare truly the best social service in Canada? Healthcare isn’t actually free in Canada, you pay for it with taxes. It’s like mandatory health insurance. Another beautiful social service in Canada is free education. Of course, you are paying with taxes, just like healthcare. The real question you need to ask is, “What came first, the doctor or the teacher? (Aiden Hugg, 2017)” After all, you can’t have a doctor without a teacher! Healthcare is a good social service, but education is better because it is what helps us humans learn the essentials, and more, in life.

Meet George. He was raised in a poor community with poor parents. He had a dream. A dream to help and change the world, and also get his family and community out of the social status it was stuck in. Luckily, taxes paid for his school. He could attend seemingly free, and didn’t need to pay and absurd tuition like schools in Abu Dhabi. He worked hard, and managed to graduate with top marks to earn the Governor General Award and various other scholarships, helping his path to university be cleared from obstacles that are impossible to clear. He makes it into university, continues to work hard, and becomes a doctor, freeing his family from their economic recession. That’s what happens when people are rewarded with social services like that. There are many other people out there like George, who work hard to achieve what they want. This leads us to having better doctors, teachers, politicians… Everything!

Canadian pride: “We have stronger beer, we’re more polite, and most importantly, we have free health care! (a lot of people, 1867-2017)” Yes, Canadian healthcare is extremely important. As a sort of mandatory health insurance, Canada’s health care tax negates over-charging for health care necessities. People who cannot afford normal health care don’t need to be even more poor just to save their own lives. Another crucial social service is roads and infrastructure. WIthout that, nobody would be able to go anywhere. Okay, there’d just be a lot more toll booths, and a lot worse roads. This would cause many problems, including excessive amounts of traffic, and exceptional difficulties for other crucial social services to operate. Welfare is another factor that could help people arise from their economic low-points. Welfare provides the less economically fortuitous acquire the support to buy food, water, supplies, and if they work hard enough, it could be their lucky break into the realms of middle-upper middle class.

In conclusion, education is the most important social service, followed closely by a few of the other services, including health care, infrastructure, and welfare. Education is what causes everyone to be able to do what they can do. It is what creates good doctors, and causes society to run the way it does. Although other social services save lives and make lives astronomically easier, they could not have been done without the help of education. After all, education is not only the reason this essay was written, but also the reason this essay is being marked, and the way that the knowledge required for this essay was acquired!


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