Filthy World

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It's my first post and I decided to post this one poem of mine.

I'm not sure if what wrote is correct but I'd be glad if someone likes it.

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Every morning I woke up in wonder, Not sure in things I usually ponder, It's not healthy of course, It always made my mind bruise, With questions, that no answers.

Sometimes I found myself brooding, With thoughts roaring like a thunder, Keep on seeking, ended with nothing, But still struggling with faith like a hunter.

With this world full of sins I always ended up with questions Things not to be indulged Secrets not to be touched

This new world we have is cruel It's like an arena ready to have a duel Every chances is impossible and Every way is unattainable

People are sick, so focused on big things, Forgetting simple things that could be made to be big things, Filled with desire, filled with outplaced passion.

That's why I keep on trying, Fishing myself out of those wonders, Trying to keep sane from reality, Quenching the thirst for answers.

Better to stay in your own light, Keep out of those shadows, Beware of bad influence, And stay right in the reality.

Sad to say but our world is filthy, Different sins littering in alley, From bad to worst, but does that matter? There's no such thing as small sin and big sin, It's a matter of fact that still, it's a sin.

I'm tired of asking those questions, Asking myself, why can't I keep myself out of those sins? I'm tired of doing wrong things, But what could I say? We are bound to do those things, I guess it's a matter of limitations.

Am I at my limit? Or am I out of my limit? If this world is not filthy? Would it make a difference or, Is it the other way around?

Maybe at the end I'm the one who's filthy.


Maybe we are all filthy.

And not the world.

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