Wedburn Woods

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What happens when the story about the Wedburn Woods unfolds when a group of teenagers venture off into the forbidden forests? Will they make it out alive?

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017




“Someone help me!” I yelled at the top of my lungs trying to catch my breath. I ran and ran, however, they’re running was effortless and they would catch me if I stopped to take a break. I yelled louder as the tree branches scratched my arms leaving behind unwanted cuts and bruises. They’re footsteps grew louder and I felt my end near. “It’s just a story” I thought to myself before I entered the woods, how stupid of me. I instantly thought back to how I got myself in this situation.


“Your turn,” Macy, one of my best friends, said to me with a devious grin. “Truth or dare?” The question was simple, so why was I having such a hard time picking? If I picked truth I knew what question they would ask me. Of course I would have to admit my feelings for my crush, Brendan, who was sitting right beside me. They’ve been wanting me to tell him since I was in the 8th grade. Maybe I should?

“........ Truth,” I said uneasily, afraid I made a huge mistake.

“Who’s your crush Vicky?” I looked Macy in the eye, I could feel my cheeks reddening at the word crush. All of my friend’s eyes were on me, including Brendans.

“Well…… I don’t have one.” I lied and smiled, it didn’t surprise me when Macy insisted that I did have one. “Okay fine, it’s Brendan.” I didn’t dare make eye contact with him, somehow, I could feel his grin.

“Really?” He asked and I nodded. He looked down, his cheeks glowing pink under his shaggy brown hair. “I never knew.” I spotted Lisa, out of the corner of my eye, giving me a thumbs up. Desperate to change the subject, I asked Oliver truth or dare.

“Dare.” I knew exactly what I would ask him, Oliver was ballsy. I once dared him to throw a rock through our principal’s house window and he did, of course he had community service hours and detention, but he was the best at this game.

“I dare you to spend the night in the Wedburn Woods.” I told him and everyone sitting in our small circle gasped and shook their heads no.

“You can’t make him do that,” Rebecca said. “ I don’t feel good about this.”

“I’m not scared!” Oliver said, “However, I bet you’re all too scared to come with me.” Feeling brave I answered, “Oh yeah! Pack your bags guys. We’re going on a trip.”

“Have you not heard of the legend about the Wedburn woods?” Macy asked.

“Yeah, it’s not real. It’s just a story!” I answered. “C’mon guys! This will be fun, and if you all make it through the night, I’ll bake your favourite cupcakes for you all.”

“Hmm let’s see, dying and getting cupcakes or not dying but no cupcakes.” Rebecca said. “Dying it is! Let’s go.” Oliver, Macy, Rebecca, Brendan, Lisa and I all hopped in the car with our camping gear and made our way to the Wedburn forest. On the outside, I was excited but on the inside, I knew I made a mistake and everyone was going to pay for my mistake.

“Lisa, why don’t you tell the story to get us in the mood,” I said and she nodded.

“October 31st, 1965. It was a calm day for the Wedburn family who lived in the center of the woods in a small cabin. They were a happy family of 5, wife and husband with three little girls in between the ages 4 and 6. Out of nowhere, the husband and wife came home to their three children dead because of suicide. The youngest drowned herself, the middle child hanged herself and the eldest jumped off of the roof and died. Their parents were mortified and later killed themselves because they couldn’t handle their loses. They’re known as the suicide family. Now, people know the woods as a haunted place where the souls of this family roams the woods and steals the lives of the people who disturb them.” Lisa finished right as we pulled up to the canopy of trees.

“We here,” Brendan exited the vehicle and carried most of the camp gear to a vacant spot engulfed by trees. We set down our camp gear each exchanging nervous glances. We were silent until Oliver started to play some music from his phone. It was slightly chilly, like the wind was whistling in my ear, however, instead of afraid, I felt exhilarated. After we set up our tents, we started to play truth or dare again, suggested by Macy, for about half an hour until Rebecca left the group to use the washroom, in this case, the trees. It was my turn to be asked by Lisa.

“I dare you to kiss Brendan,” Brendan looked at me with a nervous-like grin, I smiled suddenly gaining this unknown confidence. We inched closer and as soon as he touched my face with his cold hands, we heard a piercing scream from the direction that Rebecca travelled to.

“What was that?” Macy asked and Macy, Brendan and I started to run towards the scream. I prayed in my head that Rebecca was alright. Rebecca was there next to a tree, facing the other way. Her blonde hair looked perfectly untouched and she stood silently. “Rebecca, everything okay?”

Rebecca breathed in and turned around, plastering a fake smile.

“I’m alright, thanks.”

“Who screamed?” I asked, my worries starting to slip away.

“Oh, I thought I saw a bug.”

“Since when were you afraid of bugs?” Macy asked.

“It was huge…… we better get back to the others.” Brendan and I looked at each other uneasily. We walked back to our campsite to find Oliver and Lisa crossing their legs and whispering to each other.

“Don’t worry, she’s okay.” I told them, they nodded and smiled at each other like they shared some secret. Rebecca walked past us to join Lisa and Oliver on the floor in a circle turning her back to us. “Are you guys okay?”

“More than okay. We’re finally reunited!” Oliver said and on time, they all giggled in unison while holding hands.

“Knock it off you three! It’s not funny and never was.” Macy yelled at them. All of a sudden, Rebecca’s head rotated 180 degrees so that her head faced us but not her body, I screamed in fear, Brendan was already making a run for it and Macy stood there stunned. I was about to run when Lisa yelled to stop and at that point my body felt incapable of moving at all, like I wasn’t in control. All three of them stood up next to each other and held hands. As soon as they all connected, their sizes started to shrink. They changed completely into these three little girls…….. The Wedburns?

“What’d…. What’d you do to our friends?” I trembled while I tried to force out the words.

“They took our place,” the eldest said, “your friends are dead.” I dropped to the floor and Macy started to wail.

“What are you going to do with us?” Brendan asked and I almost didn’t want to know the answer, afraid for my life…… this was it.

“We’re going to play a game. Would you like to play a game?” the youngest said while holding her hand out to us. On cue, all three of their eyes glowed red and started to drip blood.

“No! What’s wrong with you? Leave us alone!” Macy yelled. The girls looked angrily at her and all of a sudden, Macy started to scream in pain as blood began to drip from her own eyes.

“Stop! I’ll play with you!” I yelled trying to help Macy, her eyes stopped bleeding and the girls clapped excited.

“Tag!” The middle child shouted and started to chase after me. My legs loosened up and I sprinted for my life. They chased me deeper into the forest. My heart pumped on adrenalin just thinking now that I was leading them away from Macy and Brendan, they could call for help.

“You’re not too good at this.” The little one said. I turned around and she was right behind me, I quickened my pace, but I started to grow tired.

“Someone help me!” I yelled at the top of my lungs trying to catch my breath once again. I looked up to the sky to see one of the girls fly above my head and land right in front of me and I stopped before I tripped on my own feet.

“Don’t be afraid,” I tried to catch my breath while devising a plan in my head. “I want to make you see.” The eldest daughter moved closer to me and the two others held my back. “Don’t move.” She radiated heat, and bestowed an unpleasant vibe, the feeling of death. Her ice cold hands met mine and she smiled. As soon as she touched me, a vision forced it’s way through my brain and played like a movie. There was a tall man, in his 50s, in front of the Wedburn’s cabin, he looked angry. He busted open the door and ran inside with an axe in his hand. He ordered the three girls to sit in a circle on the floor while he prepared a rope hanged to the ceiling, started the bath and opened the upstairs window. The girls sat there, crying scared. Then the man, ordered the girls to their death threatening their parents if they didn’t go along with it. She pulled away her hands from mine and the vision stopped. They stood next to one another facing each other while crying together. Then, suddenly, they all started to levitate off the floor, hand in hand.

“Thank you,” they whispered and floated up into the horizon. I watched in fear as they disappeared into the night sky. As soon as they left, I dropped to the floor, not able to control my tears. Soon after, Macy and Brendan found me on the floors of the woods. They helped guide me to the car and out of the Wedburn woods. I tried to wrap my head around everything. Three of my friends are dead, and the Wedburn story is not all truth. Someone murdered those children, they never committed suicide. I then noticed Brendan and Macy were awfully quiet in the front. Brendan started to drive on a bridge to get back home and Macy sat in the seat next to him, crying softfully.  

I then asked, “Macy?”

Brendan and Macy turned towards me…….. except their bodies didn’t move with them.

“Where did you take our children?” They both said before Brendan swerved off the bridge plunging our vehicle into the waters.

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