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The disturbance infidelity can cause

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings you could possibly feel.

It makes you feel bi-polar.

It's like one minute you're regular having a good time, a laugh, a drink and within the next you're a mess.

Any little thing can trigger that pain, it could be a smell, a word, a song, a place, the way the wind blows.

For women being cheated on is so much deeper than just sex.

It's messes up her trust for all people, it alters her hope, her faith, and her emotions.

It makes her feel unworthy, unlovable, sad, depressed and useless.

It kills her, sex to some women is soooo much more.

It's the connection she shares with her man, the way they caress each while loving each other, it's about how good they make each other feel.

How they look in each others eyes, how they kiss, touch and rub on each other.

It's all about the chemistry, the love.

When a man cheats it ruins it all.

To know the man you love made another woman feel the way he makes you feel and he didn't

even feel bad about what he did, or he didn't even think about how it would bother you, it's

devastating, heartbreaking.

Even not knowing all the details just knowing that the man you love,

let someone other than you make him feel how only you as his wife/girlfriend should make him feel,

kills you inside every single second.

Regardless how much you try to let go and forget/pretend it never happened,

it's always there.

While he acts as though everything is normal again,

you're still trying to piece together your emotions,

your thoughts.

Cheating, there's so much more to it then just sex.

It scars for life.

If you're unhappy or want to try something new,

it's better to break their heart by leaving instead of breaking their heart and emotions by

cheating and trying to pretend you want to stay.

consider all possibilities, and all consequences.

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