A New Perspective

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Story of space and dealing with themselves

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



It all started in 2040, A new technology for fuel or gas or whatever was being made for longer space travel. In the 1990s was when they first started development but as we all know the government likes to be secretive because they don't like being wrong. By 2030 it was done and now we can now fuel a ship for 70 years. So this brings us to who the hell am i well of course i'm the boy prodigy John Harris but you can call me Joe. For 10 years i've been on this ship with the guy Robert I Have A Fedora And I'm Too Cool To Give A Last Name. Of course the people back at home didn't want us to come back gay for the sake of the story so we have Beauty Queen Julia whose decently smart (She's a bitch and only here because she's rich but you didn't hear that from me) and there's also Rebbeca "Eye-Candy Rebby" she's easy on the eyes and pretty damn smart. Honestly this ship is full of assholes except for Robert he's Robert after all like come on he has a fedora.

Well anyway introductions you should all know that I am the only important person on this ship besides Robert anyway.

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