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Hello peeps, This is vasudev jeevanigi coming with a very interesting topic ever . May be a funny and completely out rated topic ever. Excuse me if you feel that I've chosen the worst topics of all times.

This topic I've decided to present when one of the most funniest things happened to me ever. I often come across a CAT dark and brown in texture seemed most scared cats i have seen of all times.I really don't know why a normal Indian feels bad or unfortunate when a cat moves on his way.
I feel you are the most luckiest person on this universe if you come across a cat. I used to get negatives in whatever test i used to give and i used to hear a variety of scoldings from my father.It was a very fine morning and as usual i got up late around 9 attended 15 mins late for my weekend exam on Saturday. I was feeling bored as am giving the same test in the same old room with the same old shaggy,dull and hopeless face of the invigilator.Now i come to the most interesting part of my saga. Before stepping into the exam center i had a look at my tiger which went running to grab some meat provided at the corner at that moment one of my friends had decided confidentially that i will get a negative score this time. But it was a misconception . For everyone's wonder i came with a result of 100% on the day. Not only for a single subject, but for all the four exams conducted on the following day.My principal and his staff were searching for RCA of my score because it was a sudden wonder for them and they are not able to come out of  the shock.But they doesn't know the mystery behind my success on the day.From that moment i didn't step back towards any thing that seemed experimental. I kept searching for a cat before doing any task. The saga continued to be funny. Words rushed out of every one's mouth "Are you MAD??" , "have you gone your nuts loose??" starting from the mom to one of my friends. But the only friend who supported me towards my belief was DILIP chappe. The funny name which has been kept by his father as a memory of his Grand father rajan chappe. Similarly even Dilip believed in the same "Catical " mystery along with me.But for a change Dilip faced bad times when ever he came across a CAT. Which made him not to look at any domestic animal before doing any work.? But surprisingly he supported me even after facing bad times. The mystery continued in my routine as my progress went up like a plane. At a point my principal drove all the cats out of the college just to make sure that am running out of my luck.
This time more surprisingly, The cat followed me when i was on my way to the home I was totally surprised and took the cat and went home and i started adopting it. It was very Active all its way that it started disturbing  my mom in all sorts of her way. But i never bothered. The magic continued, each day starts by having a look at those brown eyes. After a week or two , it has become a kind of habit for me as well as the cat that it used to stand in front as soon as i getup. It lasted forever and i came out with a Rank of 7000 in my engineering entrance.???? Wahh!! what an improvement , What a hardwork..Applauds started coming of from each and everyone. Even i felt high as i was experiencing the scenario of applauds instead of  bitter scoldings. of course the preparation was none, its all the tigers magic which made the examination question very easy and a very happy and cute invigilator who agreed to make me sit on the back of a topper. But unfortunately i guess my tiger cursed the topper who has shown me as he didn't qualify the test and i was able to ????

Its not that each and everyone has to look at the pets in order to succeed or move ahead. But i insist each and everyone to treat them as just like you treat your co-humans. Because even they do have a family, They do work hard in search of living and food as we. God has dropped each and every animal on this earth to succeed with a hardwork. But unfortunately he made some creatures partially dumb. Its our duty to see them equally with us.

Many north Eastern as well as Southern people of India has adopted pets as they don't have the fate of giving birth to a child. They treat the pet as their own kid. They cry,smile,sleep,run as if they are doing it for their own child. We saw great Mom's and Dad's crying for their pets as they were expired. The 21st century has many black holes in it as people work on the aim of money and pleasure which doesn't allow or make them to concentrate whats happening in the surroundings, That they buy a pet dog just to keep as a watchman to the house as they will be tired. But the same pet is not jealous of itself. It jumps over its owner as soon as it sees him, Protects him and listens him.We always come across a famous line."Show your love towards a Pet. It remembers till it's death." That's 200% true because there may be a chance that no one will come to defend you in sad times but a Pet will at least try to do its best to protect his/her owner. I will conclude my blog with a Story of my life which i came across, There used to be a boy in Delhi named Rajan who ran from his house at the age of 5 as he was beaten up daily by his stepmother as she feels him as a burden in front of her own son.
Rajan, at the age of  5 lead a very miserable life as he used to earn 'five rupees' per day by working in a Bicycle mechanic shop. Working in such kind of shops, That too in Delhi was not an easy thing as he was beaten by the fellow workers and the owners of the shop for the poor service. Rajan felt very bad and one fine day he was sitting on a bench in a Public park where he came across a 'German shepherd' Which was almost in the stage of expiry as the workers of  "blue cross" tortured it to the core as they thought it has gone mad. Rajan went to that he cleared the wound with his own shirt and he even managed to do the first aid to it by the little money he has earned on that day. At that moment he saw a mobile number which was written on the name plate which was tied around its neck. Rajan being a very poor child managed to get few rupees from the surroundings and gave a call to a girl stating that your pet is in danger. Fortunately That girl was a Daughter of a millionaire in Delhi which helped Rajan not to struggle for his meal any more for two days. As he felt bad he started moving out of the house as he was ashamed of staying in a house for a long time just because he has saved a Dog.

Rajan continued his journey and suddenly a man in suit came to the Bicycle shop enquiring Rajan as they wanted him because their boss wanted to take him in work at any chance. Some how they got the presence of Rajan near a Food stall where he used to buy a piece of Samosa for his meal.The millionaire's men took him to their owner as he wanted him to stay with them permanently. Rajan without thinking,said Yes. Because a poor guy cannot expect a reason from a person like this to take care of him. Rajan came to know the reason behind his stay in their home when the Dog started having food after pointing out Rajan. Sanju(Millionaire's daughter) told him that it is having its meal only after seeing him. The dog was staying with them from the past six years and surprisingly one fine day has transformed its love towards him. Rajan Was stunned as the dog came over him and licked his face out of happiness. Impressed Rajan agreed to stay with Sanju for ever just because of a DOG and he continued his studies and Persued his masters from Harvard business school and he emerged as a Board member of a nutritive company called "Pedigree" After a span of 6 years of his experience in pedigree he was questioned by a journalist as why did he choose the path of such a company when there were many more companies for a genius like him who completed masters from a historical Harward business school. Rajan gave her an answer in a single line asking her Does she own's a Kid?? She said Of course. Rajan asked her that how much does she loves them? She replied stating that she loves them more than anyone in this world. Then Rajan asked her that is she ready in doing anything for them. The lady with huge emotion replied  Yes...!! Rajan replied even am doing the same now,  You are interviewing me to take care of your children & I have started this to take care of my children. Tears rolled out of her eyes by seeing the Rajans love towards a creature. When she came to know the real story of him she felt it ashamed as she asked him such a question.She liked the kind response of Rajan for such a disturbing question and she fought hard to make him famous by publishing his story in an inspiring magazine.

"Life is all about Love . It depends from person to person, Creature to Creature , Human to creature and Vice-versa." The way we show it only makes the difference.????????????.


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