A Fathers Thoughts Of The Day

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This one was the real deal.

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



  A Father’s Feeling Of The Day


My son was married yesterday,

The wind and weather so pleasant,

Freedom of will had it’s say,

Oh such a wonderful present!


Good cheer was on the merry wind,

A frothy happiness was inside each glass,

All ill will was then amended,

What a perfect brotherhood at long last!


Nobody was bothered by yesterday’s arguments,

No person with anger filled,

Each and every lip only bore great compliments,

Just let the night wind on the moon be stilled.


The bride glided so elegantly,

Walking down the aisle in an angel’s stead,

The event felt so evangelical,

When both spirits were then wed.


Let all discontent then make its peace,

Just allow the spirit of good will to prevail,

The the life of that evil demon shall eternally cease,

And both lives will then be forever well.


A more embracing warmth shall come from the east,

With this new merger that has taken place,

Allow this unity to kill the unseen beast,

Then may prosperity and kindness  occupy its space.







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