Zootopia: Revelations

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Zootopia Revelations is a fanmade story based on the Disney movie itself called Zootopia. In this story, humans exist with the mammals of Zootopia, but are separated. The humans were researching and conducting experiments on various animals giving them human features and characteristics, thus making them anthropomorphic. They were intelligent enough to create their own civilization where they could adapt and evolve. Since they have been modified, the animals kept giving birth to increasingly intelligent children, and over time this created the nation of Zootopia. They had built their own city, created order, work, everything a human civilization has more or less. Since then, humans were restricted from entering Zootopia. The animals of Zootopia lived in peace and harmony for centuries, until one day, someone began to launch a series of “events” to seriously hinder Zootopia’s further development for reasons yet to be explained.

This story focuses on two main protagonists; Angelina Laverne Hopps and deputy sheriff Nicholas Shelemy. Angelina Hopps is a Junior Military Academy trainee who is under command of the military general, Charles Britton. On the other paw, sheriff Nick ‘’Nicholas’’ Shelemy is a ZPD officer of the rank “sheriff” Unfortunately, his family met an untimely end whilst on a long awaited vacation, his family was heavily wounded and they passed away in hospital. Nick managed to escape the incident with little physical injury, but huge psychological damage. The story is set 3 years after this incident and Nick now patrols the streets of Bunny burrow, seeking for any kind of work to distract him from his past. However, his life will completely change when he meets a certain, peculiar bunny. That peculiar bunny being Angelina Hopps! She lives with her husband Tristy and their adopted son, Michael, in a small family house.

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