In One Bright Flash

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This one is true, I helped my friend Sarah with this, as she lived through it...

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



In One Bright Flash
August 18.1997. Around 6:50 P.M 

The small congregation that was gathered waiting for the Sunday evening service could have no idea that in a few short minutes there world’s would change forever. The beautiful serenity that takes place when a group of believers gathered around a small church where everyone knows everyone, and weekly greetings come in the form of hearty hugs and warm handshakes was about to be shattered. The congregation in this small family oriented church was about to find out horrible things could happen even in front of a church, that in many ways felt like a second home to some of its members. The church that had once been a safe haven for one young girl sitting in the fourth row was about to have it’s very core, it’s very foundation, all that a church is built on, all the morals, the love that goes into a church that quickly becomes a home, shaken to its very core, and at the time it’s foundation was shaken they would find out just how strong one small country church could be. 

August.18.1997 6:50 P.M 

He came in a shadowy figure in a church full of not only fellow members, but 
brothers and sisters in the Lord, in a church that made you feel as if you were meeting with family every Sunday and Wednesday Nights, that gathered around and caught up before the services began, talking to each other with as much care as if they were your Mother, your brother or Sister. In a church where every member was treated with love and respect he was a dark shadow lurking in this place of love, of worship to the one savior Jesus Christ. This dark shadow had hidden behind a false façade but what he truly was, was about to be revealed. 

She and Kristen had worked together in Vacation Bible School that summer, and 
had formed a sort of casual friendship, and a common bond they were both believers striving to serve the Lord, and discover what there calling in life was. They knew each other well enough to stop in the grocery store when shopping and say hello and ask how things were going, but as many teenage friendships are there’s was a causal one. 

Kristen was the kind of person who draws you into her circle of friends, and willing to share the love and joy she found in Jesus with anyone she met. She was happy and outgoing filled with love for the Lord and the love of Christ radiated through her, drawing other’s to her, making them want what she had. She was a good girl, one that brought joy to her family, she was in no way self centering like some of the teenagers you here other’s 

complaining about, there was a radiance about her an inner radiance, one that shone brightly, some believers have a light so bright that Christ can be seen in there life’s, thoughyoung Kristen’s light was as strong as any long time believer you could meet. 

Kristen had been going to this tiny church for about a year, when she left for a Mission trip to Mexico, and was saved there, when she came back, she officially became a member of the tiny community church, and proved to be a valuable asset to the Church, and a member that everyone loved. 

August.18.1997 Around 6:55 P.M 

Kristen had walked out when he had came and ushered her out of the church, services were about to start, so fellow members were praying, reading their bibles and preparing for the sermon, but many looked up to hear Kristen leaving with him, not alone but with a few friends she had asked to go with her, almost as if she had sensed something was not right. 

" Kristen’s been shot! " Someone yelled, as fellow members of this tiny church scrambled out to see if they could help. Praying that she would be okay as they ran out the door, others decided to stay in the church offering prayers for Kristen. 

The young girl sitting in the fourth row, the one she had worked with in Vacation Bible school stayed behind for a few moments, thinking that Kristen would be okay. Eventually she too made her way outside walking around in a daze after seeing Kristen lying in front of a tree, her face covered by towels, her arms up over her head as if they had been on the hood of the car before she was shot. She made her way back in the church, unable to believe what she had seen at first. 

For two days after Kristen had been shot, the young girl who Kristen had worked with in Vacation Bible School could not eat, and at the visitation (called wake in the area Kristen lived in.) 

The Funeral for Kristen was so full that many had to stand, the coffin had been white with flowers in the front. 

Black and white flowers had been sent to Kristen families because Kristen had loved black and white spotted cows, and she had mentioned to someone at Church Camp before she died that was the type of flowers she would want if she died. 
© Michelle R Kidwell 
And Sarah.L.Tagert 

© Copyright 2018 christianauthorMichelle. All rights reserved.

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