Sad Satan

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An unnamed Deep-Web surfer decides to detail his experience with Sad Satan to the rest of the world.

(Yes, the game Sad Satan exists, yes, it was originally created on the deep web, yes it actually contained child porn and actual murder pictures and EXTREMELY Explicit pictures.

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



 I told you not to open this. You might as well read it now, right?






Not a lot scares me. Really. Only a well placed scream or jumpscare can ever get me in horror games. But, something was different. I played it. I played Sad Satan. The images didn't get to me, the songs creeped me out but nothing disturbed me. Until I stopped playing the game. 

I stopped playing the game. I "beat" it. I thought.


But it was so much worse.

After "completing" the game, I went into my kitchen and got a glass of water. The only thing that had happened to me was my heart was feeling a bit off, a bit of a fast beat. I assumed it was just the creepy music. I started.. kinda looking around a bit, it was fucking weird. I kept seeing shit in the corners of my eyes, except this wasn't just your normal "corner of your eye" type stuff. Something more was happening here. I went back into my room and started a complete scan of my PC, I had heard that the game could contain lots of malware. Nothing found, I scanned with a couple more and still nothing. I thought it was over. 

My heartrate was getting increasingly faster and faster, I kept trying to calm down but I couldn't. All of a sudden, my stomach felt like it was trying to kill me. I vomited. I cleaned up and thought I had just ate something a little bit weird, yesterday was Thanksgiving, anyhow. I started looking up the game a bit more, and found something called "Infrasound."

I will NEVER. EVER play this fucking game EVER again. Infrasound is a phenomenon in which sound levels are 10 KHz or lower. We cannot actually hear the sound, but our bodies do. It has physical effects, that can fuck you up. Thus the vomiting and later, (I did not mention this earlier) sleep deprivation and hallucinations. The child porn, the murder, the blood the gore, all of it... It never left my mind. For 2 months I figured I was insane. Legitimately fucking insane. I almost admitted myself to an asylum. It was only at this point that the images actually messed with me. This game can fuck you up, and I have no idea how long it can actually last. I've started breaking into its code. Like I said, I'll never play the game again, but that doesn't mean I can't see whats going on on the inside. That kid... I can't believe that... Men, raping small children. Not normal children. Children that were... Dead... Very, very dead. As dead as dead could ever be explained.

 I have but one request for you. 



Do not play Sad Satan.

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