Zya and Kyante's Dimension

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After the brutal cosmic war, the dimension of Luminescence fell completely apart. The astral beings had absolutely no chance of survival and would suffer at the hands of Akuno along with his antimatter entities. Their omnipotent leader, Lux, would not let that happen easily. He had secretly been working behind The Luminant Council's back to create astral hybrids. His first successful hybrid was his daughter, Leira Lux. She later went on to take her father's mantle after his death. Leira was formally the leader of a group of individuals with supernatural abilities tasked with saving the multiverse, known as The Prime Elites.

Zya is one of the astral hybrids sent to Earth-X1. She has tried to blend into the human world, but banished herself to live in a forest after she lost control of her powers and caused detriment. Living with unclear flashbacks and guilt from harming others, Zya has remained in isolation to avoid causing any more chaos.

Kyante was also sent to Earth-X1. After becoming aware of his abilities, he decided that he had a greater purpose to serve. A normal life wasn't something that he was ever built for. After stumbling upon Zya, Kyante attempts to persuade her to join him in search of their higher calling. With Zya's brute and Kyante's traquility, the two became an unlikely pair. They get sought out by a shadow entity who informs them that the antimatter beings have resurfaced.

Zya and Kyante initially thought that they were just two beings sent to protect one earth, but later get recruited into a team of elites becoming heroes in order to defend the multiverse.

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Submitted: May 28, 2017

Zya gets herself trapped in an alternate dimension that shows her unexplained images. She tries to escape but gets herself into something she was not expecting. Read Chapter