Prince Alexander

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Alec abhors being a prince and is tired of life until he meets one Prince Sebastian one night by chance and they realize there might be something between them, but they have to deal with the fact that Alec will most likely be married off for duty purposes. What will they do? How will they manage? Will they manage?

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



It turned out horses did in fact hate Sebastian and it may have seemed like a lost cause the first few days of trying to teach him to ride. They had been thrown off of Alec's favorite horse, Matilda. She was the most passive horse they had and she had thrown Sebastian right off. In the end, it was worth it because there was laughter and shared secrets and grins and just general happiness.


It was maybe two weeks into the riding sessions and Alec grinned happily as his grip around Sebastian's waist became tighter. The blond had really come far since the beginning. Snuggling closer to Sebastian as they pulled to a stop, Alec leaned up to press a kiss to his cheek, smiling at the other boy who turned to look at him once they had stopped.


Normally when Alec rode, he would be focused on the beauty that was the glorious sunset and the setting around them. The land was gorgeous and Alec definitely did not pay attention to the beautiful auburn sunset in front of them because he was far too distracted by the other beauty in front of him. Sebastian was far too stunning for his own good. He was the exact right shade of pale with the nearly white blond hair to top it off. He had muscles in all the right places and Alec was slowly learning more and more about his body and those muscles.


“That was really good,” Alec said.


“It would seem Matilda does not hate me by this point in the plot,” Sebastian agreed and they moved to get off the horse. Alec laughed and nodded in agreement, running a hand along the horse’s fur. “So your sister really did that?” Alec nodded in response with a laugh because it was a ridiculous story to be told and watched Sebastian as they walked back to the stable.


Once they had put the horse back in the stable, Sebastian stopped Alec from walking out the doorway. He smirked mischievously and closed the distance between them, pushing Alec gently against the wall. The brunette’s arms wrapped around Sebastian as his eyes fluttered closed at the sensation he had missed all day. They had been a little busy riding to really do this. Sebastian's hands ran down Alec’s chest to finally hold tightly to the bit of bare skin on his hips. Shivering at the touch, Alec tried to pull the other boy closer. He very much needed to be closer to the blond. The brunette could feel the smirk against his own lips. He could not help but smile back and eventually he pulled away enough to look at Sebastian’s flashing green eyes. He had a ridiculous lopsided grin on his face. Alec could not help but laugh because he was sure he knew what the other boy was thinking.


“Are you still imagining Isabelle burning the kitchen down right now?” Alec asked the other while his eyes closed in laughter, his nose crinkling. He grinned back and Sebastian laughed with a nod. Then, Sebastian was leaning in again to press one last sweet kiss to his lips before finally pulling pulling away.


“Would it be wrong if I said I was?” Sebastian questioned as he gave Alec a look that was now familiar enough to him to recognize as the look he had when he had an idea.


“Oh dear. What are you thinking, Seb?” Alec asked with worry. These ideas the other boy had mostly ended with consequences. Sebastian gave him an innocent look as if to tell Alec he did not have a specific look and he should not be too concerned. His hands were still resting on Alec's waist easily. The physical affection between them by now was much too easy to be normal.


“I was only thinking about how terribly much I wanted to dance with you on the night we met, however I knew we could not,” Sebastian told him slyly. Alec made a face as the other pulled him to him from the wall and started to sway a bit, leaning into the brunette.


“There is no music,” Alec reminded him. Alec could not help but grin shyly as he followed the blonde’s lead. He leaned down to meet Sebastian and wrapped one arm around the other boy’s neck carefully and one hand intertwined with Sebastian, swaying along. They hips moved slowly together at their own rhythm and Alec was sure he heard Sebastian start to hum lowly. He smiling into where his face was tucked into the blonde’s neck. “You are ridiculous,” Alec mumbled, even if he was more than content in this position with this boy.


“You have told me this before, Prince Alexander,” Sebastian replied, simply just to get a reaction out of him. Alec secretly loved it. These moments they spent together more and more lately were growing more and more intense between them. Alec did not know nor did he care what they were as long as they were like this. He did not ever want to leave this spot. Sebastian had quickly become a highly important  fixture in Alec's life. He was the reason Alec could genuinely smile. Spending time with Sebastian was what got Alec through the hard spots and dealing with being royal and having terrible parents. The two boys had bonded immediately over their father problems. They had become best friends along with slowly becoming whatever this was. The more Alec thought about it, the more he needed to ask.


“What is this that we are doing?” Alec said lightly into Sebastian’s neck.


“It would seem we are dancing,” Sebastian said, receiving a light slap on his shoulder.


“Hush. You know what I mean, Seb. Are- Are we lovers? Is that what this is?” Alec said, continuing to hide in the comfort of Sebastian’s neck.


“I think we are. Do you want us to be?” he said.


“I want nothing else than this, you, us,” Alec said quietly, and they danced, and simply danced. It was simple when they were dancing.

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