Bad Girls Game

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Most people will tell you that good girls turn bad because of the bad boys, others say girls are turned bad based off of their past. I'm here to tell you it's all lies.Bad girls are bad 'cause we wanna be, because thats what's in our blood, because being good ain't nothing. Some bad girls have some class, others status, but me? I'm a girl with a reputation. I'm the daughter of the most feared gangs leader, what gang whould that be you ask? That gang would be the Blood Dragons or BD for short. I'm not top dog but I'm not gutter trash either and everyone knows it, which is why when that little runt came to my high shcool a few days ago claiming to be the schools new "bad boy" I decided to have a little fun...
"Rules are simple kid, first one to fall in love loses."
"Fine, any other rules?"
"No rules and no bounderies"
"Okay, you got yourself a deal"
Its funny, I was so sure I would win...
*warning: strong language*

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Text bout the new kid

Submitted: May 29, 2017

sorry its not very good its more like a preview but it will get better. I wont make any update promises because I have to find my rythm before that thx!
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