Death bed revelation

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Passed away but my spirit sees everything....

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



I am dead. I know. My lifeless corpse rests in a hospital bed. Surrounded by a few close relatives.

They are talking in hushed tones and looking down at my body with solemnity.

I can see everything even my own listless  body.
I expired when my heart eventually gave up.

Now the life support machines are disconnected and stand silent.

My head is in a cocked position on the pillow, eyes shut, but my mouth slightly open giving my face a creepy appearance.

The bed sheets come up to my chest.

Nancy, my wife, is closest to me. She sits on a chair leaning forward near my face.

I can see all this because when I "passed" I became a free spirit able to move freely around the room and observe and hear all sights and sounds.


My name is Charles C. Jefferson-Brownlee. Boss of a very lucrative retail company. I mean former Boss now that I am gone. I have already "willed" my successor to lead the business: my cousin Eddy. He is at my bedside too. He has worked for me for years as Chief Accountant. Even though I paid  him below the market rate  Eddy is at least loyal.

Unlike my only son John.

John is also among the group of mourners surrounding my bed. John pretends to be sad. Tears are coming down his face. He even has the nerve to comment:

"Dad  I will miss you…."


My son is surely a good actor. Yet so treacherous. Two years ago I gave him a job in the accounts department of my company.  Yet I recently  discovered he was stealing from me. Not hundreds but thousands!

He created false invoices syphoning off funds in a complex scheme that eventually benefited him.

How ungrateful. An only child stealing from his father.

Luckily last week cousin Eddy came to see me privately and told me he had discovered the fraud by John and showed me the false documents which Eddy verified as fake.

I was heart-broken and distressed. Maybe the trauma of my disloyal son hastened my death.

At least after Eddie told me the shocking news of Johns fraud, Nancy gave me comfort. We agreed to keep it secret to avoid a scandal and harm to the company.

I am sure Eddie will quickly remove John from the business.

And no need to confront John as losing his job and the means to get my money is sufficient punishment.

At least my life lasted long enough to change my will so instead of John getting half my worth it all goes to Nancy.


I  feel my spirit is  fading now ready to transcend to the next level.


Everyone except Nancy is politely shuffled out of the room and as they leave they see Nancy's sadness : a picture of  great grief.

What a wonderful person.

Left alone with me Nancy's face has reddened and is flushed.

She looks at me with an intensity I have never seen before.

And just as she is about to say something a person enters the room and plants a lovers kiss on the cheek of Nancy.

That person is Eddy.

The terrible truth hit me: John was not the disloyal one.

My spirit yearns to scream but cannot and as I drift into the unknown the last image I see is the hatred for me on Nancy's face and Eddy mouthing to my dead body the words:

" you cheapskate….rot in hell sucker…."





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