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When they went and see in the house there is nothing in the house. KARTHICK asked the girl did you stay alone in the house, the said no me and my father are staying. Then PRADEEP asked where is your father, the girl then replied that her father is an alcoholic person he will not be in the house. Then KARTHICK asked the girl what is your name, she told her name is ROOPA.

After a few minutes later her father came to the house, then PRADEEP gave some advice to her father and both leaves the house. KARTHICK told PRADEEP that he loves ROOPA; PRADEEP is shocked hearing the news. He then smiled and returned to the place where they stay. KARTHICK didn’t tell anything about the girl to his friends. All of them started to sleep but VIJAY was not slept he is thinking about the incidents which is taken place in the forest. Then suddenly he heard a voice of a girl, VIJAY thinks that he knows this voice, the voice is nothing but the voice of VIJAY’S lover SHRAVANI. He is shocked hearing the voice calling (VIJAY I am inside the forest come here) without any consciousness he started to walk forward. MADHAVAN see that VIJAY is going somewhere, and then he ran and stopped VIJAY, he asked where are you going, VIJAY said i don’t know. Then they came to sleep.

Morning all wake up. MADHAVAN told he has an idea, MANOJ asked what is the idea, he then told that why can’t we go to each and every houses and ask about the incidents which taken place in the village. GANESH told the idea is great. But he told all together go and visits the houses, and then only all came to know about the incidents. All of them went to visit the houses, some told some of the incidents, and some told we are very scared to tell the incidents. All the students came back with disappointments, suddenly a old lady near a tree called all of them, they all went near the old later as soon as they reach there the old lady started to say about a incident. She told that there was a bad family long back years ago. The whole family died due to a mistake done by one of the family member. In the family there are 6 members. She told that the whole family is been cursed due to a WISH. She then disappeared suddenly. All get scared, ARUMUGAM ran 1 mile far away as soon as the old lady disappeared. PRADEEP said that they found the reason for the incidents taken place in the village.

Later afternoon KARTHICK went to see ROOPA. This time ARUMUGAM went with him without knowing where is he is going.

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