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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A WISH CHAPTER 4

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017




KARTHICK and ARUMUGAM reached her house. ROOPA was alone in the house. Without knowing anything about the girl he proposed her, but then only he came to know that she got married but her husband had died. KARTHICK left the house very sadly, although he has some positive thought in his mind that he will make her love him. He then asked ARUMUGAM don’t tell this to anyone.

At 5.30 PM all of them sitting together and discussing about the story told by the lady. Then suddenly MADHAVAN stood up telling I am coming I am coming and ran into the forest, all shouted don’t ran don’t ran but he keep on running, so everyone followed him in to the forest, after a few distance MADHAVAN suddenly disappeared. Everyone searched for him but no one was able to find him. Then VIJAY found MADHAVAN’S shirt on a top of a tree. VIJAY told everyone to see at the top of the, after that KARTHICK climbed up the tree to take the shirt. Then suddenly KARTHICK is attacked and he fell from top of the tree and broken his leg. He started to cry due to heavy pain, all of them came near KARTHICK and asked him what happen, he told that i don’t know i feel something has hit me.

Then a scary voice came from the dark side in the forest, all of them turned towards the dark side, with a huge scream MADHAVAN came outside from the dark and fell down as he is in an unconscious stage. VIJAY and PRADEEP ran near him, suddenly they gets hit and they fall down, then all of them came near to VIJAY and PRADEEP, they all were shocked, they saw a DARK SHADOW in a human structure, the shadow then begins to talk telling that, GET OUT OF THE VILLAGE, and the shadow disappears, they take MADHAVAN, KARTHICK and they came out from the forest but all were shocked when they came out, because it is MORNING.

They decided to leave the village, but VIJAY is not happy in leaving the village, at the same time ARUMUGAM is happy in leaving the village. Everyone enters into the VAN and they leaves the village, MANOJ is looking outside through the window, he saw 5 shadows run along with the van. Then suddenly disappears. He told to everyone, GANESH told let see what will happen, after a few hours later they again reached the same village, PRADEEP is the driver, ARUMUGAM asked why you returned to the village again, PRADEEP told i don’t know, i went in a correct path only. Then again the same dark shadow appears in front of the van and starts to turn into a clear human structure.

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