Time Surfers

Time Surfers

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Alison Grale is a regular person.....with telekenisis.
The she finds out about time travel, shadow zones, time surfing and a lot of other things she never knew exisited. then everything changes.
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Alison Grale is a regular person.....with telekenisis.
The she finds out about time travel, shadow zones, time surfing and a lot of other things she never knew exisited. then everything changes.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alison

Author Chapter Note

Thank you!
I am a home-schooled- high-school student and writing is just something I do for fun, I did not expect 200 reads.
Thank you soooo much everyone!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 29, 2017




I loaded up my crossbow and aimed for the nearest Bandit, a scream pierced the air as it hit his shoulder.

I feel a searing pain in my shoulder, it is soaking wet with blood, a scream rips from the back of my throat as spots fill my vision, I see Andre across the parking lot "Andre!' I scream.

She comes running forward, 'again" she mutters "Alison, this is the fourth time this week that you have almost died"

at least you aren't calling me 'little Alison'

"Sorry, I won't do it again' I gasp out, then a bullet strikes my shoulder and I feel hot pain, "Shoot! we're surrounded!" Andre curses,

"Get us out of here!" she yells through her earpiece.


We arrive on base's floor, and I pass out.




I was heading toward class, (as usual at least 5 minutes late) and someone slams into me full force causing me to drop my backpack full of work,

'hey, watch where you’re, going!'—rude jerk—I "uh sorry'' the he muttered, I had no words for this careless loser right now so I just shrugged and ran off, arriving a full 10 minutes late.


My professor just glared in my direction and gave me a 'you're in trouble' look and sighed

"Ms Grale you're late again”, to which (not knowing what else to do) I just grinned, which made him furious, looking down at my lap I smirked feeling clever and yet still irritable.


As I was walking out of school I tripped over my too-long pants (being 5"1 sucks) and fell down a whole flight of stone stairs, hit a curb and dropped my stuff again.

I looked up and there is some guy with chin length curly brown hair and light brown eyes looking at me like I'm some Martian,


Hello rude sir,


I said in an annoyed tone 'can I help you?' to which this odd-looking fellow just grinned, then I realized who it was it was the loser who body slammed me earlier today, 'my name is Alex, what's yours?' he says with a smart Alex looking face, 


 'My name is, uh Jane, yes Jane Mare" I said with way too little confidence

I, do NOT want this creepy guy stalking me and asking around about me.

Let me correct myself: I don't know why I lied I just did I guess maybe it was my inner sense telling me what to do, considering it was both good and bad that I lied to him.

"well it is very nice to meet you Jane hopefully I'll see you around more" he said with a very annoying know-it-all smile, 


yeah ok real nice, sleaze.

"uh bye" I said carelessly as a I ran to catch up with my friend, June, as we walked away talking I began to feel guilty for being so rude.


I mean,

he probably meant well by introducing himself and maybe he was in a hurry too when he slammed into me, damn why am I always such a jerk? I tell myself.


I came home and slumped into the room that the 4 of us share and had to throw a pile of my sister, Keira's garbage into her drawer and then went to take a shower and found Keira in the bathroom in front of the sink singing the Bee Gees at the top of her lungs while doing her hair,


 what is she doing getting ready to leave the house at 9:00pm? 

So, I said "uh where are you going at this hour? I thought someone was trying to get more sleep?'' I said in a slightly obnoxious tone, 'nowhere' –yeah right— 'ok'


fine if she wanted to lie that's her problem.She'll go to hell, not me.


'but would you mind sparing us the serenading, or lowering the decibel notch just a little?'

"I'm older than you, don't talk to me like that" she frowned.


I shrugged as Eliene walked in, “Hi, Alison” she plops down on the bed,


I never thought it was possible for sisters to be so different, we are all from the same mother,a nd yet we are so different. Monika is acutally mature, Keira is loud, Eliene is quiet, and somehow I am none of those.

I am also reckless and rude.


I decided Eleine needed cheering up so I walked over to the closet like I was getting something, and then screamed ‘CANNONBALL!!!” and ran across the room and jumped onto the bed.

It shook, and Eliene screamed.

I tackled her and yelled out something unintellegible.

She swatted my head and threw me down, I flipped over her and pinned her down.

"Gotcha!" I got up.

I laughed and went to go shower.

she is a fun little sister.

Monika walked up behind me as I opened my cabinet to get a nightgown, "Wow, it looks like a tornado hit your drawers" she says disaproovingly, "Do you ever organize them?"


I should clean up my drawers, they are a mess.

"Yes, I do" I scorned.


I turned the water tap to all the way cold. it is quite healthy to take a cold shower once or twice a week.

as the stream hit my body I yelped.

Colder than I expected.

Someone bangs on the door and it shudders.

"Hey! I have been in here less than 7 minutes!"

I pulled that number out of the hat.

I started humming, which song will annoy Keira the most?

Yeah, I know it is pretty screwed up when one of my daily goals is to annoy Keira at least once, why do you think I am a loser?

Because I am reckless, Careless, Obnoxouis, annoying, rude and have no filter whatsoever.

Well maybe some filter but barely.

I got in bed an hour later I'd had a long day and had been even more impatient than usual, and as I fell asleep I began to feel guilty about this Alex guy, so before I went to sleep I decided to apologize the next time I see him.


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