From Seep To Drip

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A story set slightly in the future based around what I see going on now. I'd be in the bottom group! Inspired by the Imaginarium House one word prompt -- seep.

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



From Seep To Drip


Picture the scene; a secluded office in a secret location. Two very powerful political figures are there to discuss their unpublicised plans. The year is 2025, the population of the world has started to slow down in its growth, due largely to the scheming and manipulation carried out by these two figures, and those who unknowingly put their plans in to action.


The wealthiest percent of the population have become richer and richer, while those below them have been allowed to become SLIGHTLY better off. It would not do to allow them to become too comfortable, otherwise they might start considering that other group – the lowest group -- who are definitely suffering a decline. Not because any of them are becoming more wealthy and are moving up into that coveted middle group – oh, no; that would never do. No, this group is declining in size due to the decisions of these two powerful and influential individuals; they are slowly but surely being killed off.


Let’s listen in to just a tiny part of their conversation.


"So the waiting lists are extortionately long now, for all heart conditions and cancers?”


"Yes, most of the lowly ones, needing the free treatment won’t make it. By the time they even get to see the specialist for assessment, it will be too late. The decision will be made that there is no adequate treatment for the stage that their illness has reached.


"Good, good! And the new drugs, how is the distribution of those going? We can’t afford for everyone to receive them.”


"Absolutely! Well, the newest, the most effective, are being kept out of reach from all but the top. The companies are quite happy not to announce these to the public so long as they receive premium payment.”


"So it’s a case of the best for the best, then!”


"Absolutely! The drugs that have been out for a while are now making it down to the middle-class, so to speak. The prices have been reduced so that their insurance will cover the costs. But those relying on free treatment – well, they are having to rely on those drugs that are far less efficient. The ones that won’t keep them alive too long once they get sick. The ones so out of date we can get them at bargain prices.


"Good, good!”


"And that’s about where we stand on the medical front. How about your end of the deal?”


"Well, the seeping of those benefits is becoming much more like a constant drip. We take away a bit here and a bit there. The help with accommodation costs has almost been removed entirely, as has the help to pay for fuel.”


"So we’ll expect to see an increase in homelessness and deaths from exposure this winter then. Which of course will be shocking!”


"Absolutely! But the cut to the pensions cost will be a definite drip instead of a seep, so the general consensus will be that things are going well.”


"Excellent! That’s just what we need. Now you leave from the back entrance. I’ll leave from the front, ten minutes later. And don’t forget.....this meeting never took place!”


And that is how it goes. Keep giving more to the rich, give a bit less to the majority, and make sure those worst off pick up the bill!

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