Eternal Love

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Eternal love is an enchanting tale about a girl, which depicts the journey of the write with her, with a heart - breaking end to the tale.

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



Eternal Love


Gazing at the endless voids of space,

Lately I have been doing, my pals say,

The reply was curt to their thoughts abstract,

But a shrug of shoulders won’t deny the fact,

I had discovered heaven on earth’s face.


Oh, if I say, I learnt this in school,

Oh, if I believed strongly in the rule,

That beautiful all qualities,

can’t be seen in an individual body,

I hath myself befooled.


Hath read in tales of fairies and elves,

Accounts of alluring princesses, which resembled herself, she

Didn’t require all those rubies and pearls,

cause her face resembled her heart,

it was carved out of gold itself.

But Alas! The supremacy had designed the game quite tough,

Her worldly desires, won the battle over trust and love,

Wiping me off into a chamber of mourn,

Even the greatest abide, when it comes to their own,

My emotions, blown away to dust.


Still placed her on a pedestal high above all,

Still twiddling thumbs, expecting a knock or call,

But reality swooped like a burden onto me,

The bitterness of what they called destiny,

But her voice so melodious,

Still echoes in the halls. 

- By Prasang Agarwal



© Copyright 2019 Prasang. All rights reserved.

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