Through My Eyes

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Exposed

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



Jake had more or less ditched me.

He had been really helpful for like 5 days and then I guess he got bored.

I am in 'my' warehouse playing with my power, when suddenly again, I feel the energy pulsing out from behind me.

I whip around, smelling shock, surpirse, and curiosity.

"Whose there!" I shout hoarsly.

The scent of fear wafts up to me.

"I know you are there, come out or you'll regret it."

A figure steps out from behind the old painting.

Tall, male...Jake.

I gasp, and cover my face with my sleeve, He can't see who I am.

"Sapphire, I know it's you." He says, sounding more like an order.

I wince, "How much did you see?"

He comes closer and sighs, "Too much."

"Well, forget it." as soon as the words leave my mouth I cringe.

"Uh. Not possible."

"I didn't mean it like that."

"What can you do exactly?"

I lick my lips, "Well, I can shoot fire and ice, I can see through walls and objects, smell emotions, I can see up to 4 miles away, and my eyes glow in the dark."

"Woah! Wow! Cool! you are like an avenger!"

"No, no I am not like an avenger, I am like a teenager with a power that she doesn't want." I say waving my hands. Overreacting.

"Why? why don't you tell the whole world? you could be famous." he says the last word quietly like they do in movies when a character is trying to sound mysterious and convincing. 

"No. These are very hard to control." he glares. "This is why I never told anyone!" i slump to the floor, folding my legs under me.

He plops down next to me, kicking up a layer of dust, this place is probably a health hazard.

Which reminds me..."What were you doing here?" I ask before he can try to convince me to become famous.

He looks down briefly, "What were you?" He squints.

"Look, you know what I can do. Don't mess with me, tell me. Now" I have never threatened someone with my power before. But, I have also never told anyone. So I guess there is a first time for everything.

I lean in and narrow my eyes.

"Ok. Ok. Fine." he leans back, uncomfortable. Fear, admiration, and shock are drifting around the room.

"I followed you. I went to meet with you to talk about our cameras and saw you leaving so I followed you here.Then when I saw you start to use your eyes I hid." i do not sense  any untruth in him, just light fear.

"Ok." I say simply and lean back.

Pressure relieved, he is back to trying to get me to become famous.





"No." I say for the 10th time this hour. We have gone to his shed to work on the cameras and he has not stopped nagging me about my eyes.

After listening to the umpteenth question he finally stops.

"Sapphire, do you have a nickname? can we give you one? Sapphire is too long to say."

"You'll live." I turn my screwdriver to the right, tightening the screw on the edge of the camera.

"Serouisly, let's call you...Sap!" he jumps like it was a very clever though.

I look up from my work to glare at him.

He looks away, "Umm, don't like it? fine let's do...Sapph!"

I slam the casing on the camera very hard and glare at him.

"Ah, okay, I guess you don't like that either. How about...Sarph? It's a combination of your name."

I sigh, "How about Sapphire?"

"Ugh, fine. But you do know my full name is Jackson, and Jake is for short."

"Jack should be your nickname then."

"Nah, i like Jake."

I pout my lips, "Well I don't!" i say sarcastically.

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