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Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



Oh'd To The Shame Of It All
My name, because it is what I am.... Stupid.....Having introduced my self in such a way I have to say everyone else in this absolutely ridiculous story is named stupid as well, Inspector, Sergeant, CA and...well everyone.is named Stupid.
So what happened you ask.
This is what happened.
I sorta wanted to committ sewerside...but not really. I really just wanted to scare some people into thinking I might kill myself.
I took every precaution to make it look good but utterly fail. I mean who the hell is going to seriously try and kill themself with a bow and arrow...
Well I did and I did.
I shot the arrow straight into the air figuring it was not likely to come any where near me. But it did. It went straight up and straight down...through my skull and two inches into my brain.
Oddly enough...It was not instant....nor was it even painful...I didn't feel anything except the pressure as it smashed through my skull. I had just enough time to say...How efin stupid is that..before I died and emerged into the world as a ghost.
But it gets even stupider because the cops....unable to believe I accutally killed myself with a bow and arrow decided it must have been murder or at least an accident...naturally involving a second person...the one they believed did the actual killing.
So they investigated....found a likely suspect....who once threatened deadly harm on me....about ten years ago.....when we were drunk and arguing over who was going to pay the tab.
The courts pulled it off and buddy went to jail for killing me.....how they managed this I don't know...I wasn't there when the judgement went down. I was in hell by that time and the devil was raggin on me about how stupid I was.
The End.
Now how stupid is that.
I hope I gave you a chuckle.
Donald Harry Roberts.

© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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