Empty Streets

Empty Streets

Status: In Progress

Genre: Thrillers



Status: In Progress

Genre: Thrillers



My part of a collaboration initiated by C.A.Sechler: Street of Fear. Please go read the other stories on her page!!!
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My part of a collaboration initiated by C.A.Sechler: Street of Fear. Please go read the other stories on her page!!!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Realization

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 29, 2017



How long had it been, Sharli wondered? She walked up to the calendar on her desk.


Three days.


Three days since weird noise had woken her up since she had been forced to barricade herself in her room. She had tried to venture out a couple of times in search of food but had rushed back to her room when the Things had tried to attack her.


Mom and Charles weren’t the same anymore. Well, Charles, her little brother had always been a biter. It was different now. Now they weren't Mom and annoying Charles; now, they were just, Things.


Sharli, was lucky after all since she slept in the attic. She was lucky because the only way she could get out of her room was by lowering the ladder that hugged the ceiling. She was lucky because no one and nothing could surprise her in the middle of the night. Like what had happened to Mom and Charles.


Each time she opened the secret door and looked down, the Things had been waiting for her gargling and snarling. The thing that had been Charles, jumped up and down waving his clawed hands in mid-air. He looked ridiculous, and scary... for a five-year-old.


 At first, Sharli had tried talking to them. She tried to convince them not to hurt her but, after a couple vain attempts, she had given up.


Before it all started, she had heard rumors all over the internet. But just like everybody else, she thought it was a hoax. It had seemed way too far-fetched.  An illness like Ebola would have made more sense. People would have reacted, they would have protected themselves. They would have avoided contagion. Or at least that’s what Sharli thought. Unfortunately, a couple of videos of grown adults attacking their families hadn’t yielded the same amount of worry than the prospects of an epidemic. How could it, when it looked so fake?


Sharli supplies of chips and soda were dwindling. No way was she waiting for the Things to get her. She had to get moving. She couldn’t be the only one who hadn’t caught what the Things had. Like the avid horror movie fan that she was, Sharli was convinced that there was a secret base somewhere with military power who had the cure.


 They would also, of course, save any survivor… Right?


 She grabbed the bag lying beside her bed, flipped it and emptied the content on the floor. School books, pencils tumbled, discarded; like if she would ever need those again, Sharli rolled her eyes.

She searched around her room for things that would be useful. She tried to recall what the movies.


“I need to find a way to clean wounds,” Sharli exclaimed. As she opened the first drawer under her bed. Luckily for her, her mother had gotten her a first aid kit for last summer’s camping trip. She shoved the red pouch in the school bag. She then ran to her snack stash and grabbed the water bottles that were left.


“Shot, only two, I won’t go far with those.” She mumbled as she also shoved those in the bag. She had to escape now. These past three days she had noticed that the Things would stop moving when the sun rose. They weren't completely asleep. They just seemed slower and more stupid when it was sunny. Which would be perfect for the next step in Sharli’s plan. She had to get something to defend herself. Not one of those close contact weapons like in the movies. She needed something that would keep then far away. She had just the perfect thing in mind. Her dad’s shotgun.  The only problem was that her dad would probably be beside it.  At least he wasn’t one of those Things.

 She fought back a tear. She was all alone now. They were all gone, to a certain extent at least.

She finished packing her bag with a couple plain t-shirts and an extra pair of long jeans.

She grabbed the nearest sweater put it on, placed the bag on her shoulders and walked towards her bedroom door. She took a deep breath and lifted the door open. She peeped from the ceiling and grabbed a hold of the ladder. Before pushing it down she listened to hear where the expired family members were. 

Grunting noises came from Charles’ room.




Charles’ room had the only door that locked from the outside.

Finally having a sleepwalking brother was paying off.

 Sharli hoped she could reach the door before the Things, would sniff out her presence. She lowered the ladder very gently. When it rested on the ground she held her breath and waited. They hadn't noticed. As fast and skillfully as she could Sharli went down the ladder.  She held her breath and ran to the bedroom door. Slowly she started pulling the door shut but a horrible screeching sound from the hinges forced her hand, and she slammed the door shut. Not wasting a second, she turned the deadbolt.  Which, proved to be just in the nick of time as deep guttural sounds multiplied from within the room. Sharli touched the door with her right hand and said goodbye to her mother and brother. The bodies inside responded by banging on the door repeatedly. Sharli had to leave, fast at this rate the bedroom door might burst open.




Sharli walked away, towards where her father should still be. She turned the corner down the hallway and entered her parents’ bedroom.

He hadn’t moved, to her relief, Sharli noted. She walked up closer to her dad, well actually to half of her dad. Her hand instantly raised to cover her mouth as she fought her gagging reflex. Her dad was in much rougher shape than she had imagined he would be. She was left with no other choice than to conclude that all the bloody pieces of rancid meat spread across the room had to be her dad's lower half.

Dear God.

She dropped to her knees beside him, cold blood seeped through her jeans. She had to be brave. She had to be tough, she repeated in her mind. She used all her strength to life her dad up and used her free hand to pat the ground, feeling for the shotgun, which she had heard fired, three days ago.Her wet hand grazed the cold metal of the barrels and she grabbed onto it and pulled the gun, towards her.

Luckily for her, three boxes of cartridges rested on the bed. Without looking back, she shoved the boxes in her school bag and walked out the room.

She expected something to jump out at her as she when down to the first floor, but nothing happened.




Sharli walked towards the kitchen, shotgun in hand, thankful her dad had forced her to take shooting lessons at the shooting range. She loaded the semi-automatic gun. Very carefully she placed the butt of the gun on her shoulder and brought the stock to her check as she aimed in front of her. Sharli walked slowly to the kitchen, listening for any sign that might indicate she wasn’t alone. She blew a sigh of relief when she realized she was alone.

She examined the kitchen, only to find out that intruders had already emptied more interesting choices. All that Sharli could find was a box of old granola bars and a couple cans of tuna. She couldn’t be difficult. She grabbed the food items and put them in her bag. 

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