Empty Streets

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Exploration

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



Sharli locked the front door out of habit and walked down the steps. The sun was high up in the sky. It could have been a nice day. It would have been a nice day if only the remains of burnt cars, and trash hadn’t littered the street. A gust of wind blew papers along the street, an urban tumbleweed. The street was empty of all the usual sights, no one was walking their dogs, no kids were outside playing hockey.  It felt surreal.

 Where was everyone? She couldn’t be the only one who hadn’t been contaminated?


She needed to find help. She needed to find a place where she could spend the night at least. That’s when it hit her. She needed to find a place which was like her bedroom, a location which had its entrance unreachable by the zombie things. Sharli recalled a class trip at the old theater downtown. It was one of those old acting theaters which had been recycled into a movie theater. The interesting part was that the second floor was condemned and locked to prevent access.  It was interesting because Sharli happened to be best friends with the owner’s son, who had a spare of the key hidden under the soda machine.

If Sharli reached the theater then maybe her chances of being rescued would be better. The movie theater only had junk food, but that was better than nothing. 

The walk was going to be long and dangerous. Usually, it took her 30 mins to reach the theater with a car, but that was out of the option right now. Too many vehicles had been abandoned.

The next best choice was to take her bicycle. Sharli walked to the side of the house, where her bike was, in the shade.

Which, would prove to be her first mistake today.

She turned the corner, and stood face to face (half a face?), with her putrefying next door neighbor, Karl. Her wasn’t as handsome as he once had been, but he was still impressively strong. It slammed into Sharli forcing her to the ground with a violent thump. Fortunately for her, she had been holding her gun. The moment she hit the ground it fired right into the Things stomach. The shot must have severed its spine because when Sharli rolled away to avoid its snapping mouth the body plopped off her and fell to the ground. She back lined up with the wall of the house. Grunting, animal sounds emerged from the moving half of the zombie. As it noticed it hadn’t caught Sharli the thing started moving. It proceeded to drag itself on the ground with arms as it snapped its mouth in midair. Sharli heart rate accelerated, she raised the gun to her cheek, aimed, and fired. Luckily for her, the thing had been so close she couldn't have missed even if she wanted to. Unluckily for her, she was now covered from head to toe in zombie gunk. Still, in alert she examined the area around her. No one. Nothing she noted. She walked to her bike, dropped the school bag and shotgun in the basket and unlocked the bike chain. Before leaving she hosed herself down, with the garden hose. She didn't have the time to be picky.

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” She repeated as the cold water fell on her.


That proved to be Sharli seconded mistake of the day.

Wet jeans weren’t the best for a long bike ride. She would be lucky if the blood and gunk wouldn’t infect the extreme thigh chafing she was now developing.

Sharli pedaled down the roads, making sure to stay in the sunlit areas. When possible she stayed far from all the small allies she crossed as she arrived downtown.

Where was everyone hiding? Why hadn’t she come across a single living person? All along her journey, she had heard the Things groaning and grunting in the shadows. They hadn't approached her if she stayed clear of the shadows. She had been forced on a couple of occasions to speed past a few of the zombies. Maybe the zombie gunk that remained on her had somehow rendered her invisible or, maybe it was the freshly killed bodies on the ground which had distracted them. Either way, she had been grateful they hadn’t given chase.

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