The Wind Cannot Read, Explained The Crow

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....I watched a couple of crows wrestling in the sand..this is my perception of what I saw...

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



The crow,

she looks firmly

and rises up to show how bright

is the anticipation in her eye.

One joins her there for company,

but only from a distance

in another tree

with a flittering captive cry.


All the other birds have vanished, the ones who have always been there,

into the sky. And now the last cloud of rain

drains itself away.

We sit together, she and I, in a field of flowers.

 Next to the lake and mountain,

until only the mountain and lake remain. She becomes the flower in my eyes.


With her wings in both of mine, 

I said good-bye.

Her liquid dark eyes stared far away, I refused to accept the situation, 

I forced a smile for reassurance

only to betray 

the pain felt in my heart

and lost courage

when my mind conjured

repetitive images of emptiness 

I couldn't fill.


The mountain remains still,

the waves of the lake receding

 with the tide,

water and sand slithering

through my toes

leaving me with the sensation of sinking and sliding

yet going nowhere.

Our grips tightened

the same scene  of countless partings.

I felt the warmth of her face, made warmer with her firm body against mine

and we made love again.


Postponing the inevitable good-bye. 


  Damn my eyes,

for they can look upon everything,

except themselves,

and that look I sometimes give her,

revealing my heart, chasing her away,

leaving me to wander about in the unknown,

longing for the forbidden

pleasures of her touch.


Damn these moments, going by so slowly.

If I could only accelerate the pain,

chase it away the time and conquer it,

but I won't. I can only wait.


I try to look at myself with hope, 

accept the facts,

instead I yield to my heart, lost

in my soul to look and gaze,

upon the sign that is written :

" Do not pick the flowers "


But it is useless

against the wind

which cannot read.





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