A Danger of Channeling Spirits

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Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



A Danger of Channeling Spirits :   Voices and Intrusions

May 29,2017

 5:40 am

I awoke this morning feeling the strange vibration sensation as if it were clinging to me. I have mentioned before how sometimes I will awake suddenly from sleep and I will feel the intense vibration sensation indicating the presence of one of these harassing entities that have attached themselves to my life. Other times, I will awake suddenly and it will be as if they are completely gone, I will not detect their presence in any way (at least for a brief while). So, I’m not certain really if they more often stick around while I’m asleep or not.

Recently, I’ve been wondering if sometimes these physical sensations/disturbances that they cause me to feel, are actually them in some way draining some kind of energy from me. I say this because sometimes these physical sensations that I feel seem intentionally aimed at disrupting my sleep or rest. But, other times I just feel something clinging to me but not moving around at all really, essentially like it’s just attached to me in some way and for some reason. Now, I often describe this situation with dealing with these negative entities as an attachment, but it’s more like an attachment to my life in that they follow me around wherever I go. But, sometimes with these physical sensations/disturbances, it is actually more like a direct attachment to my body. I just feel them latched on to me. But, whether or not they are taking some form of energy from me, I simply cannot say.

  Their presence is still constant of the most part. Back in 2015, when I was channeling via doing EVP sessions, I mistakenly believed that when the recording and communication sessions had ended, that that was that. I thought that I could just go about my normal routine and that things were essentially over until the next time that I chose to do a recording session.

In my own situation, this was not the case at all. These entities of unknown origin that I was communicating with at the time were not leaving after the recording sessions and going about their own routine, they were sticking around. They have admitted this to me on many occasions and I can believe it. I had invited them in by opening a channel of communication with them and they entered my home and my life from that point forward, following me around wherever I go. They are constantly trying to get me to notice their presence by means of the voices. I have heard them say on a few occasions….”you wanted to hear spirit voices, well now you are hearing spirit voices.” There is indeed some ironic, though harsh truth to this statement of theirs. This is a real danger when engaging in these kinds of activities. One is risking creating the means by which negative entities can intrude into your life and into your perception range. It is a kind of Russian Roulette in a sense.

May 27, 2017

  What are the dangers of channeling spirits? Well, I’m sure that there are plenty and I won’t even claim to know all about all of them, but I do know from my own firsthand experience what at least one of the dangers looks like. What one of the dangers is, is the danger of hearing constant and intrusive voices as well as possibly experiencing real physical/bodily intrusions and disturbances on a day to day basis. I have been experiencing such a condition for the past two years now since I experimented with EVP for a short time back in 2017.

I have seen several cases with many similarities and which began by various means of spirit communication. Often, once the communication is established, these malevolent entities of unknown origin masquerade themselves as more benevolent spirits (when in reality, they are not). They will often take advantage of a person’s personal beliefs and the reasons why they are engaging in spirit communication in the first place. In essence, often they will pretend to be whatever a person wants or hopes them to be. Often, during the early communication they will pretend to be the spirits of departed family or other loved ones. Often, they claim to be a person’s spirit guide.

These kinds of deceptions are nothing new and they have been written about extensively. But, I merely seek to stress that one thing in particular that these deceiving entities do is inflict upon a person a condition of hearing constant voices. Most often, these voices are extremely intrusive and often they are extremely negative and abusive as well. During the initial communication, when a person is still unaware as to the true hidden nature of these malevolent entities, they can exhibit masterful techniques of deception. In my own personal case, I can say in all honesty, the voices that I was initially communicating with during the early days of my EVP recording seemed nothing like the voices that only a few months later would turn my life into a living nightmare once these voices came out of the recordings.

  Their deception was indeed masterful and it is very easy to become mesmerized in a way during this early communication and one can easily become blind to the lurking danger. I’m not saying that all communication contacts are from this same deceiving element. I of course have no way of knowing that, but what I am saying is that there is indeed this malevolent element that seeks to lure a person into interacting with them so that they can establish a link whereby they will inflict upon a person a condition of hearing voices. This is a very real danger when taking up this kind of activity.


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