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Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy




This particular story tells us about a love conflict between the only son of Japan’s second richest man Mr. Reden Reden and a famous football player who is the son of a multi- billionaire Mr. Wu. Rex’s long girlfriend yoki who has slept with almost every boy at Reden high. Mr. wu who has lived all his life in the states moves to Japan so his son can finish his high school and go to the best Japanese university, but a twist of events changes things when he meets Nikona redden .the adored son of a billionaire, his father wishes him to marry when he is done with university, but Will he follow his father’s wish and marry his longtime girlfriend yoki or will things go a different direction. Nikona is also caught in a spiritual fight as his father’s dead twin whom nobody knew of tries to communicate with him as he may still be alive trapped in the middle of two worlds. Which might be harder than he thought seeing how his nephew has no belief in the supernatural.
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This particular story tells us about a love conflict between the only son of Japan’s second richest man Mr. Reden Reden and a famous football player who is the son of a multi- billionaire Mr. Wu. Rex’s long girlfriend yoki who has slept with almost every boy at Reden high. Mr. wu who has lived all his life in the states moves to Japan so his son can finish his high school and go to the best Japanese university, but a twist of events changes things when he meets Nikona redden .the adored son of a billionaire, his father wishes him to marry when he is done with university, but Will he follow his father’s wish and marry his longtime girlfriend yoki or will things go a different direction. Nikona is also caught in a spiritual fight as his father’s dead twin whom nobody knew of tries to communicate with him as he may still be alive trapped in the middle of two worlds. Which might be harder than he thought seeing how his nephew has no belief in the supernatural.


Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



Nikona and the secrets of the dark shadows

Volume# 1

This novel wasinspired by my favorite  2016 Chinese series love sick, which was adopted from the novel lovesick (kuda la Korn)  written by Jake Coburn, which is under  the genre, young adults literature and was first published on September 22, in 2005. I accidentally found this series online  when I was looking for some Chinese  series , I thought it to be strange at first but after watching it for some time I got to really enjoy it and realized  that the  world is changing  and that there are no longer limits to a lover of writing and it  give me great joy trying something new that is beyond usual love stories,  so after  watching some movies andreading a few  novels  on this particular subject, I figured it would be fun to do something different from  the usual  love stories  .

 I was merely ten years old when I dreamt of being a novel writer. I was so happy and excited that I scripted my first fiction called MEETING BRUNO MARS. Based on one of my favorite music artist Bruno mars. Which sadly never got the chance to be published but it opened my eyes and showed me what I was capable of, even though I knew my novels could never be published I never lost hope or stopped writing.  I later met somebody who inspired me even more and this is my other half and best friend who had the same passion for different arts as I did, that it made me even want to work harder with more love and passion .in some way she's the other big part of who are am today as a writer because of her continues encouragement and support for my art of writing and not forgetting my wonderful classmates in high school who would always ask to read my stories regardless of the genres.




This particular story tells us about a love conflict between the only son of Japan’s second richest man Mr. Reden Reden and a famous football player who is the son of a multi- billionaire Mr. Wu. Rex’s long girlfriend yoki who has slept with almost every boy at Reden high. Mr. wu who has lived all his life in the states moves to Japan so his son can finish his high school and go to the best Japanese university, but a twist of events changes things when he meets Nikona redden .the adored son of a billionaire,  his father wishes him to marry when he is  done with university, but  Will he follow his father’s wish and marry his longtime girlfriend yoki or will things go a different direction. Nikona is also caught in a spiritual fight as his father’s dead twin whom nobody knew of tries to communicate with him as he may still be alive trapped in the middle of two worlds.  Which might be harder than he thought seeing how his nephew has no belief in the supernatural,  everything’s a puzzle as strange things begin to happen to Nikona but everything starts to make sense when they travel to the spirit island for the final football game against their reveals Ederine high.

 IT was just about midnight; Nikona was fast asleep in his room when suddenly a strong chilling wind passed him and woke, he was surprised at how cold the room had become .for I moment he had imagined himself standing in the kitchen with the fridge door wide open. Slowly he opened his eyes, only to notice one of his windows had been wide open, his bedroom door was open as well and he could see his father standing by the door though he wasn’t so sure seeing how his vision was still blearily, so he rubbed his eyes, searched for his small red round classes which had been on his dresser and put them on to have a clear view .but this time there was no one there. He got out of bed, stood by the door but the house seemed to be dead silent and when he had gone back to his room he noticed his bedroom window was closed 

After a sleepless night, Nikona woke up early to get ready for school and did his homework which he had never done .he quickly bathed then went downstairs to have his breakfast, holding a hair brush in one hand and his school bag in the other. When he got downstairs he found his mother and best friend Daniel having breakfast, even though Nikona and Daniel were best friends they were complete e opposites of each other. At 16 Nikona was very tiny and looked much younger than his age with cute female features which usually lead to him being mistaken for a girl with his small green eyes which had a little blue in them from his mother.

Nikona was more like his mother than he was like his father; he was the youngest and only son to Mr. Reden, who was the second richest man in japan and owner of some of the biggest companies in the world. ``morning mum is dad still sleeping?'' his mother looked at him smiling as she put down her cup of tea, `` Nikona I think you're just missing your father ,he won't be in until next week after the business deal with the American country has been signed''. His mother said to him now holding a bowl of rice and handing it to him. As he ate images of what had occurred the previous night began to flash in his head. When he was done he grabbed his bag and kissed his mother on the check saying they were late for school and they needed to start off.

 Even though Nikona’s father was very rich, he himself was a humble young man and was liked by many people and his friends for his good heart and is skillful ability to sleep in almost every class at school.

Nikona got in Daniel's car and they drove all the way to school in silence .when they arrived Nikona simply bowled his head saying thank you and started walking. It was an all-boy s school which was known as reden high even though the students had been known as the dark shadows. They had kept the name of the original owner of the school Mr. Dark before it had been bought by Nikona’s father. There was a myth that the school had been built on top of a spirit passageway from the spirit world were things would cross over to the human world.

As Nikona put one foot in his class he felt a strong hand grip his wrist, `` Nikona are you okay, you been like this since breakfast?" Daniel who was Nikona's best friend asked. Even though he was Nikona's best friend and childhood friend, Daniel was a complete opposite of Nikona, he was very handsome and tallwith strong black hair and chocolate brown eyes that drove the girls wild, he was the only child too with only a mother, so he treated Nikona like his little brother since he had been 2 years older than him.

Nikona are you listening to me? Daniel asked for the second time, oh yeah sorry I dozed off am fine don't worry about me .go to class you don't want the school president to be late do you? Daniel gave Nikona a pat on the head and entered his class. Nikona had been a minor to Daniel by two grades.

Nikona walked into class and sat between his two close friends, mark and jay with three others he had spent most of the time with at school.Shortly after their class teacher, Mr. young walked in and they all stood up and bowed their young was a very young man just as his name had stated only in his early twenties and admired by most students and the other teachers that envied him for the hard worker he had been. The daily routine was to hand in homework after Mr. Young had come in and was sited in front.

Nikona was the first to open his bag, he removed his book and took it in front, everybody sat in there sits and silence fell on the class. All the boys were in shock with Nikona doing his homework; even Mr. Young too had been in shock. Nikona had never in all his years at school done homework.

``dude are you okay?'' mark asked as Nikona sat down on his sit, `` yeah why do you ask?' mark pulsed for a second then had a chorus answer with the other boys who had been sitting near him and heard him ask the question.`` you just did your homework!. , `` ohm hee hee he I didn't notice ,give me a heads-up next time don't worry am sure everything's wrong anyway so it's not a big deal.

 Later that afternoon after having lunch and cleaning their classrooms, Nikona and the boys went to the basketball coat to practice while Daniel and his team were at the football ground practicing for the football match against Ederine high which was due to take place in four weeks at the dead island after the basketball tournament which was taking place at Ederine high .Ederine high was an international school of arts just near reden high. It was owned by the son of the late Mr. Jayson Ederine who was a very successful American businessman .he had moved to Japan in his late forties with his wife and son who he had named Ederine Ederine .  Ederine  now 35 had two children, Alice and a younger one he had adopted after his wife Mira had passed on from breast cancer.

The boys were busy with basketball when a first-year student came running and stood by the side shouting Nikona's name. Mr. Young had called him to his office. When Nikona got to the office he found Mr. Young and Mr. Dark who was still the head of the school. `` Nikona did you do your homework alone Mr. Young asked Nikona?''  ` Yes but I know it’s not right I shouldn’t have handed it in am sorry. without responding to him Mr. young got two pieces of paper and handed them to Nikona they were questions .`` it's okay try answering these and bring next Monday seeing how it’s a Friday.

 Nikona came out of the office and found Daniel waiting for him with jay and mark.  What did you do this time mark asked knowing Nikona's record of being called to the office; he had previously glued one of his teachers to the chair after he woke him up after finding him sleeping g during his class. Nothing why

Do you always think every time I go there it’s because I have done something wrong? Daniel face suddenly changed and Nikona kept quiet, I did nothing, you little bastard you almost set a girls hair on fire because she said you were cute outside the school yard and your saying why do you think I did something wrong because am coming from the office Daniel said mimic king him with a deadly edge in his voice. Fine am sorry, can we go home now Alice’s coming over soon. 

So why did he call you Daniel asked as they drove home? `` Oh that he just gave me some question papers to answer, after asking if I had done my homework or something. Daniel dropped Nikona off at the gate, he had to pick up his girlfriend from school because her mother had been sick for two weeks and her father was always moving from country to country because of the type of work he did which Daniel did not seem to know either.

 Nikona got into the house, put his bag down on the kitchen table and went to the living room where he found his friend Alice chatting with his mom. Nikona and Alice had known each other since they were little children and had been very fond of each other.

 Hey Alice what's up, why did you seem so excited over the phone? Nikona asked as he was sitting down and his mom was getting up to live. My best friend rex is coming over, his moving to japan and will probably be going to reden high seeing how it's the best school in japan. And he might need one good friend because everybody will be all over him wanting to be his friend, `` well that's a goodthing then you don’t need me. Nikona replied.  

 Rex was a famous football player at the age of 19, he was well known all around the world, he was very tall, with dark silky hair and strong dark brown eyes that looked like had always been his dream as a child to one day go back to his country and finish high school there and go to a really good university which offered business law and football as a major career. He had also wanted to move so he could be close to his long distance girlfriend.

 Alice and Nikona talked for about an hour or so then she left living Nikona with his small cat tiger. It was five in the afternoon that Nikona woke up after falling asleep on the chair. He looked at his phone and noticed they had been five missed calls from Daniel and jay. Oh shit, I completely forgot about the basketball practice.

Nikona got up, rushed to the bathroom to wash his face, grabbed his car keys and cat and drove off to school. When he got there the guys were already half way into the practice, Nikona got out of the car and put his little cat down and started walking towards the basketball coat .hey your late don't tell me your mom brought aya home again. 

Aya had been a daughter to Nikona's mother's friend, she had repeatedly tried to set them up together but Nikona had been irritated with her the first day they had met and wanted nothing to do with her. No Alice came over and I feel asleep. Anyway, what time you are coming home you're havingyour  last driving lesson before taking your test, jay asked.`` I’ll come after the basketball practice ends but  I have to go home first mom was calling me all the way here. 

The practice went on for another hour, till the guard came and asked to have the coat locked because it was late.

 Jay dropped Nikona off on his way back home before dropping mark at the garage to pick up his car. Nikona walked in and found his mom in the kitchen talking to the maids and other helpers who had been preparing for something that seemed to have caught his attention. `Mum what’s going on Nikona asked his green eyes wandering all over through his round glasses. Your father's flying in 4hour s with his good friend, he and his son rex are moving here to japan from the states. So we are preparing a small welcome party for him. 

Yeah, so I have heard it's all everybody's talking about, Nikona said with a bit of coldness in his voice. He quickly realized his mom had been injured and apologized to her, Then went upstairs to pick his jacket.

Most people who did not know Mr. reddens family often found themselves wondering if Nikona had been their biological child in spite the son and father having identical eye color. Mrs. Reden was Americanbut had lived in japan and spoke the language like it had been her first, Mrs. reden and her husband had met during her second year at a government university, she had started her first year in Japanese after her completing high school, but after failing the first semester they decided to send her somewhere far from home where she could be serious and focus.

Mr. Reden had also been the unique in his family of four. Unlike his twin brother, he had been born with bright green eyes with a little brown which the entire family had thought to be strange seeing how he had come from a typical Chinese family though very rich.  He had also thought so, until after finishing high school and entering the best university in the states where he realized they went so strange after. His looks had greater improved and the girls seemed to also like that about him, that he becomes very popular with the girls.

It was in his engineering course that he meet his wife, he still laughed looking back at how shocked she had been when she discovered he had both Japanese parents and had green eyes. Shortly after completing high school, reden introduced his girlfriend to his family and two years later the two got married and before the year ended he discovered his wife was pregnant with a male son and thus Nikona was born.

Nikona got his jacket went down stairs, got a bowl of rice from the fridge and sat down on the table to eat when his mum starting telling him about his father friend and his son, which he had no interest what so ever in hearing, so he put on a manikin face and smile so he could not hurt his mother’s feelings.

When he was done he quickly rushed upstairs to take a bath before going to meet jay and mark for his driving lesson. He smiled as the water run down his head all the way to his feet, remembering the shocked look on Mr. young’s  face when he realized he had gotten everything right on the work he had been given. He was coming out of the bathroom when he noticed his room was dark and something like a dark shadow seemed to flesh out of is room and the light came back in. he stood frozen for a while when he figured it had just been his mind playing tricks on him. Besides, there were no such things as ghosts. He quickly dressed and went downstairs picked his jacket from the kitchen table and was about to live when his mom spotted him. `` Nikona where are you going your father will be coming soon, aren’t you going to the airport? `` I can’t mum please cover for me  I’ll be back it's only twenty minutes I need to get my driving  license this  weekend, I go with Daniel daily because I don't want the bodyguard driving me around making a scene at school.`` okay but you better get here before he notices you’re not  home. He bowled his head kissed her on the check and drove to mark's place with the driver.

 He found the boys waiting for him, playing basketball with some other friends from the nearby houses

`` Hey you finally got here, I thought your mum found you another girlfriend and you were trapped at home with no way out Mrs. Reden. ``idiot just  teach me, I need to get home dad will be flying in soon ,mark smiled at Nikona and laughed, he had known Nikona more than he knew himself and he had shared everything with him even the things he had been able to share with his friend. He figured he would figure it out one day.

``oh nic is it true that Mr. wu and his son are moving to japan, why didn't you mention he was close with rex father, I  didn't mention because I didn't know or want to know, am not interested in starting a friendship with some famous spoiled rich football player. Moms busy stressing with preparations as though it’s the presidents freaking son coming.

Okay now that you’re done hurting on a dude you don’t know and his famous father can we drive and oh are we invited to the party?  You know me and good food jay jumped in. when do I ever need to invite you to an event you always show up even when I don’t want you there. They all kept quiet for a while then burst out in laughter.

Twenty minutes later Nikona was dropped off by mark, he quickly got in and rushed to his room to shower after his mother had given him a sign that his father had just arrived .just after 7 pm the guest began to arrive .he was still in his father’s room getting gifts for him and Daniel and his two friends jay and mark which his father had been surprisingly always remembered. The last thing he handed him was a small box which he had to open the following day which happened to be his 17 birthday.

As anticipated mark and jay arrived shortly after the guest had started walking in, a minute later Alice followed with Mr. Wu and rex with his girlfriend yoki .who was a student an all-girls school which had been near one of the many hotels Mr. Reden had owned. Daniel had dropped his mom off and gone back to pick up his girlfriend neya who had been at the same school with yoki.

``good evening aunty is Nikona near?’’ oh hey Alice yes he should be in his room and you must be rex, it’s good to finally meet you, such a handsome young man .it is nice to meet you too aunty rex said in his deep thick voice bowling his head.  ``Nikona!!!!! Sweety gets downstairs your friends are here. He ignored her the first time then answered the second time, he picked up his phone and noticed ten missed calls it was aya, her mother had forgotten to pick her up. He grabbed his phone and flashed through the kitchen. Rex had only gotten a glimpse of his green eyes as he was flashing through the door.

Hey, what’s on your mind, you've had that smile on your face since last night at the party did you miss yoki that much, Alice asked rex as he handed her a glass of juice. Why does Mrs.  Reden call her daughter he? Instead of responding she burst out in laughter. ``oh no you thought or no Nikona is a boy, he goes to reden high where you’ll be reporting on Monday. I passed by this week to talk to him because I thought you might need a friend you'refamiliar with, making real friends is very hard school if you're the son of somebody well known or your just popular because many follow you just your fame and their own selfish needs.

I see, funny I assumed …….., don’t worry about that today is his birthday, I will be going over, you can invite your girlfriend, Mr. and Mrs. reden have travelled for the weekend so it’s only him and his best friend Daniel you met at the party, his the student body president of the dark shadow high, and the two were his two close friends jay the vice and mark.

Morning mom, am off to school, goodmorning Daniel, here give this to Nikona his mom said handing him a small box wrapped in colored paper, with Nikona’s name on top. Jay, Nikona, and mark had been in the living room all fast asleep after the party. Sir wake up Daniel is here jade their personal helper said shaking Nikona gently, he had hated been woken from his sleep but he did not mind jade she had been like his younger second mom , she had always stayed with him when he was much younger when his parents had always traveled.

Oh shit, i overslept, thanks, jade he said bowing his head and rushing to his room, he grabbed his shoes and jacket with a clean shirt. ``am not going to ask because you'll just annoy me Daniel said to Nikona as he got in the car.`` where did you go last  night ,you were gone half the night and you missed most of the party, or was that what you intended  to do. Aya was stuck at  school, so I had to drop her home.``` I see and when did you suddenly start growing feelings for aya after you continuously announce weekly about how annoying she is and you could never date a girl like that even if her kind were the last race on earth and that she won’t live you alone. I don't want to talk about it. ``here this is from mom. Nikona opened the box; it was a brown original vintage watch. `` wait is that my watch’’, ` I think you mean was, I told your mom to give to me on my birthday. Daniel looked at Nikona and then whacked him in the head smiling then turned to look at the road. The driving test only takesan hour, and the rest was done in less than ten minutes after they had discovered his sir name and his father.

He got home and found the house packed, his classmates, basketball teammates and his friends from Ederine high had also come to celebrate his birthday. It had been a hot and sunny day so the pool had been crowded with girls’ and boys’ .aya had also been invited by Nikona without his knowledge.  Aya you came, Daniel’s girlfriend and the class mate said waving her hand and giving her a sign to come over. Yeah, Nikona  invited me, hey did you know yoki was dating that famous handsome guy, the poor guy  she will probably kill him with all the diseases from all the boys she has slept with, neya said and aya could not control herself that she burst out laughing which mad the people near her stare.

Hey, how did it go did you manage to get the driving license mark asked as, Nikona was walking in, `` yeah piece of cake.  Why is my house flooded I didn't even invite anybody, I know I invited them you're having a birthday party.

What are you serious you know dad is having a business meeting and the workers have been given some days off while they are gone, so who the hell do you think is going to clean the house?

You worry too much for a little boy relax we got this all settled, just enjoy yourself, oh jay invited your girlfriend, his friend mocked him about aya knowing very well what his reaction would be, but of late he had found himself growing very fond of her, and he did not once say anything negative to her face even though her whole school had known him as to be her boyfriend after she had told them so.

Fine whatever, am going to take a bath I stink just make sure nobody breaks anything and keep aya away from my cat before she starts thinking of dating us both. But the little guys so cute who wouldn't want to date the little thing. Aya away from my cat, he emphasized.  Alright, I have got it.

Nikona comes downstairs shortly after bathing and found jay going downstairs; he quickly grabbed him and dragged him through the back of the kitchen to the back door. Wait where are we going .i left my phone at the driving license office, and I need you to drive me there I can’t drive today after last night.  The boys went passed a long passageway and found themselves outside the back of the house where all the  vehicles had been packed, jay froze in amazement when he saw  Nikona brand new car.`` dude how, what, no way this is the x j7  it’s not even out on the market yet, how. `` Well tell your uncle, that. waitingfor things is not his thing. Nikona handed jay the keys and got in.

 Nikona was amazed when he got to the driving license office and found ten cars all lined up, with bodyguards outside, there was only one person who would cause this much of a scene, but what was he doing. The place was so crowded with people and photographers luckily they had not noticed the car when they drove in and parked at the back. The boys walked in and found the whole building cleared.  Nikona reached the office knocked once then opened the day, just as he thought his father who was supposed to be gone for the weekend with his wife.

Dad what are you doing here does mom know you're here, son what are you doing here he asked a little shocked and surprised. I came to pick up my phone I left it after my driving test. Come again, I came to do the driving license test jay and mark have been helping me out. Oh I just came to renew the license for the cars, please don't  tell your mother this should be between us, how is your birthday going .its fine I guess he answered his father with so many suspicions running in his head.  Am living  I don't want to be involved in this and I don't have to tell your wife anything it will be all over the news unless you have also already paid them off also and he walked out.

 The boys got in the car and managed to slip out without causing that much of a scene. And no one saw them since the car had been heavily tinted.

He totally came to get a driving license for your car right, Nikona smiled then answered, ` yep am glad you know your uncle well’. He means well, but he just doesn’t know how to go about it. he tries to get me everything, but I don't need all those things just having a dad like him is enough, but I don't want to hurt the man so I don't say anything and he seems to love to buy me things .he was the only son, his father got him everything so his trying to do the same for his son, but I don’t need all those things.  Great am coming with my track to pick up everything tomorrow jay said jokingly.

 The boys got home and found the house crowded with more people. The whole yard was full of teens. Mark was already drunk after his hangover from the previous night. Daniel had been sited near the pool with some of his friends he had invited, why I think you love my birthday so much because you always want a reason to throw a party each year, Nikona asked jay closing the car door. But isn’t it great every year .as they were talking aya arrived and jay left Nikona with her holding in a smile?

``hey Nikona thanks for inviting me to the party I got something for you, …then he remembered mark saying he had texted her .oh yeah sure not mention it you replied trying to sound as nice as he possibly could. I know it’s not that much but I got you something. It was a little tree in a small flower point. It’s a very special tree is over 80 years old it never grows bigger than this but it’s very strong and can live over a 100 years. Wow, that's amazing thanks.  I just have to sort out a few things will catch up with you later.

Nikona got in the house which was also full of girls, must be one of Daniel’s popular friends he thought. Just as he was going upstairs, rex and his girlfriend were coming from the kitchen going outside. He opened his bedroom door and found his little cat tiger fast asleep on his bed; he was amazed at how he could sleep through all the noise. `` oh hey Nikona your back I have been looking for you ,I wanted to introduce you to a friend but he just left ,his girlfriend was not feeling well.`` oh hey Alice it’s okay some other time then ,I’ll be downstairs in a bit just need to change.

The party went all al day until past 8 in the evening, Nikona, jay, Daniel and the three girls were now cleaning up, mark was now fast asleep.Nikona was cleaning the kitchen when he came across a football jersey with and big R and number 16 .he folded it and put it on one of the chairs.  In about an hour they were done thanks to some helpers he had paid to come clean the outside of the house and some of the rooms. They were all now sited in the chair when Nikona got a phone call from his parents.

`` Hey mom who is it going? Okay niko, how did your birthday party go Sweety we are so sorry we couldn’t be there with you this you. Nikona smiled to himself as his mother spoke holding in a laugh .he had remembered his father who he had run into at the driving license when he should have been with his wife at a whole country house they owned outside of japan near a huge lake. Oh, don't worry mom will spend time together when I come get back tomorrow ‘' as he was talking thedoorbell wrong and he went to open it. He finally hangs up the phone and opened the door it was Rex Wu.

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