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This is a modern Zambian story of a young teenage girl whose mother and father pass on at an early age living her with her cruel stepmother who had three daughters of her own who show the young girl what hell on earth really is.
This book shows the reality of child abuse in our day and age. It’s amazing how so many children are still being abused and oppressed of their freedom and rights even when so many people are aware of this cruelty .children’s life’s are destroyed from as early as five , they are subdued to cruel biting, insults and many other forms of cruelty, this destroys them physically, emotionally and mentally in turn destroying their confidence and ability to trust anyone.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



On the birth of Kuyana, the doctor informed Mr. Jere that his wife Anna would not have children anymore due to a medical complication which had occurred during herlabor but fortunately she had successfully given birth to a healthy baby girl but her husband wasn’t as thrilled as she had been because he had always wanted male children and now his wife wouldn’t give him anymore children but that did not change his heart about his baby though not  thrilled she was female he loved her still  as I loving  father would love his child and Even after the declaration The doctor had given Mr. jere did not lose hope ,he toke his wife to the best traditional doctors when they had all failed he decided to go for night prayers and fasting, he  tried everything but it had all been in vain, so after three years he decided to get a second wife who he later discovered had three daughters of her own. However, this did not change his heart he treated and loved each one of them equally even though his second wife believed he loved his daughter more than he loved her own which made her grow hatred for the young child and his first wife more than her.

Mr. Jere lived in the eastern part of Zambia. Locally known as chipata, and had been well to do, he owned a bus company, had two houses and owned over four cars and was well known but unfortunately his first wife moved on to another life after three years of fighting cancer which had been accidently found during one of her medical checkups at the hospital, it had been in growth which had developed in the walls of her stomach without her awareness. Mr. Jere did not take the death of his wife well and shortly after the death of his wife he followed living his one child and his second wife with her two children .the death of Mr. Jere came us a shock to everyone because they all believed he loved his money more than any of his wives or children.

 A year after the funerals both family from late Mr. .jere’s second wife and his family gathered so they could free her traditionally from the marriage bond which meant she could remarry if she so chose to do so.

 Mrs. Jere moved to Lusaka and Kuyana’s life began to change for the worst. Kuyana was very intelligent and very beautiful but her sisters did everything in their power to make her feel dull and ugly both inside and out.


Shortly after the death of her husband, Mrs. Jere moved to Lusaka and Kuyana’s life began to change for the worst. Kuyana was very intelligent and very beautiful but her sisters did everything in their power to make her feel dull and ugly both inside and out.

Kuyana’s sisters went to the best schools, while she struggled with selling fruits and water to find enough money to pay for her school fees. However, they seemed to be some hope when she passed her grade nine exams and was the best student in school. Seeing her condition the school decided to offer free education provided she worked hard and passed her tests and exams. Her stepsisters Natasha, Jane and veronica unfortunately failed their exams. After hearing, the offer the school had put up Mrs. Jere decided to drop Kuyana out of school; she would rather die than watch her stepdaughter do better than her own children would. Therefore, that was the end of Kuyana’s education and she could say little in protest. Her sisters moved on to another grade through corruption that their mother so much believed was the key to any problem.

Kuyana stayed home cooking, cleaning and washing clothes for her sisters and stepmother, while she sat in the living room all day watching TV. Any mistake made would lead to Kuyana being beaten mercilessly and starved.

During the weekend, Mrs. Jere would take her daughters shopping, while she remained behind to do more house chores. Kuyana had nothing for her well-being. She struggled just finding clothing for herself. Many nights she would go to bed crying remembering the memories of her mother and father when they had been alive.

Mrs. .Jere’s house was huge and well built. Had three bedrooms and two extra rooms with nothing in them, but not one of them belonged to Kuyana? She was made to sleep in a small room were the washing was done. She would sleep on the bear floor with only an old finished tablecloth to cover herself.

One particular night, Kuyana was washing dishes after cleaning up after her three sisters. As she washed one of the plates, she had been washing fell and broke. Her stepmother hearing the noise rushed to the kitchen carrying a big cooking stick she used to beat her. She swung the cooking stick, it turned threw out of her hands and hit one of her daughters, and the broken plate began to piece itself together upon she Mrs. Jere feinted, Kuyana quickly turned and show a blur of her mother’s spirit smiling at her as it faded.

Three years past, the girls were now in grade twelve, so was the chief’s son Daniel who had lived in Lusaka.  He had once run into Kuyana as a young boy and she helped him with the last piece of cloth she had owned on a very bad rainy day he Was moved by her generosity that he vowed to show the same kindness she had shown to him. And his wish had come sooner than expected.it was in the late afternoon when Mrs. Jere sent her step daughter to a nearby market so she could get some groceries to prepare a special meal for her daughters who had miraculously finished there grade twelve exams. After buying all that her mother had asked for Kuyana started off home as she was coming out of the market, Daniel and his uncle were going into the market when he noticed Kuyana at a far distance and recognized her but said nothing because he was not sure how his uncle would react to the situation.


The year seemed to be moving very fast and before they knew it the grade twelve results were out and their mother did what she did best. Kuyana was now 19 and her three sisters Natasha, Jane and veronica were now doing their first year at the University of Zambia studying law. Daniel did so well that he was immediately sent abroad to study medicine.  After two years abroad the young man returned home because his studies did not go as planned, so he decided to study law home at unza.

Even though Kuyana suffered so much cruelty in her life, she never once resented her step mother for her cruel treatment. Her cruelty only made her grow stronger as a woman and fence forth decided she could not live the life of poverty her step mother had chosen for her, she believed there was more to life and education would be the door to all that even though it meant educating herself to get where she wanted.

Every night when they were all fast asleep Kuyana would snick into the spare room were her stepsister’s grade nine to twelve text books had been kept and read under a candle light for the fear of being caught.

Among the three sisters, veronica had been kind and deep down loved Kuyana and envied her even though she would never say it to her face. On weekends she would stay behind and wait for everyone to live the house before she could help Kuyana with house work.

One such day was a Saturday, Jane and Natasha had spent the whole day at school and their mother had travelled to mansa to visit her sick mother. Veronica had let Kuyana have a day off while she did all the house work and cooked. The girls returned home that happier than usual more so Natasha who had gotten herself involved with Daniel. Later that day Natasha asked Kuyana to get her some airtime at a nearby market. She rushed to the market but slowly walk by on her return because she was too tired to rush. Daniel had also been driving home from school when he saw her, at first he was not sure so he decided to slow down his car but Kuyana having seen the car slowing down run home, opened the small gate and entered. Daniel sat in his car puzzled, could this be the girl who had been looking for?”

Kuyana walked into the house handed her sister the air time and explained what had happened to her on her way back from the market, Natasha realizing the car which had been following her matched Daniel burst out laughing` why would Ayman follow a dirty, poor and uneducated girl like you?’ the words hit her like a bullet, she run out of the house and sat under a small tree behind the house and began to cry when she suddenly felt something like a shadow standing in front of her ,she looked up and saw her mother glowing like a thousand fireflies and her voice echoed like thunder ‘do not cry my child from the worst come comes hope.be strong’ ‘she looked at her mother trembling in fear ,as she tried to speak her mother faded.

One week past and everything seemed to be going back to normal, well that was until Mrs. Jere returned from her sad visit to mansa. Kuyana was sited outside the house during lunch having nshima and beans, Mrs. Jere drove in stopped the car, got out and slammed the door and walked up to where Kuyana had been eating and slapped her so hard the food fell from her mouth. She got the hot nshima and beans she had been eating and slapped her with it, then began beating her and shouting. `You killed my mother!! You killed her you wicked evil child!!’’ the neighbors hearing the noise rushed in their yard to save the poor child’s life. When they arrived they found Kuyana down being beaten mercilessly by her stepmother and blood was coming from her nose and mouth.

``I will kill you this day and you will follow your mother and father!!’’ she threatened after moving from her. She walked to her car got in and drove off.

With the little strength she had. Kuyana entered the house got the one pair of shoe she had with her two dresses, she put everything in a plastic bag and slowly walked out of there house and their life. She couldn’t be strong anymore she had to live or truly like her step mother had said she would soon join her mother and father.

Mrs. Jere returned home late that night drunk and ready to kill her step daughter with a man she had gone to hire. But to her surprised when she arrived there was no one at home, she went round the whole house but still found no one, and she sat down on the floor and began to laugh like a mad woman, Kuyana was finally gone and she didn’t have to kill her. This time Kuyana’s mother appeared to her stepmother whose drunken state suddenly disappeared, she sat on the floor trembling and shaking with fear, you will never walk or see again and your family will suffer for each day you caused pain to Kuyana ’then she disappeared.

Shortly her three daughters arrived and found her lying on the floor unconscious. The following morning Mrs. jere was rushed to the hospital where she spent a night for tests and observation .the next morning the doctor called the girls in and informed them that their mother would never walk ,talk or speak again, there had been nothing wrong with her everything had just stopped functioning apart from her hands.

Kuyana spent many nights on the streets without water or food and almost being rapped. She was dehydrated and hungry and could walk no longer she feinted right in front of a huge catholic church, one woman known as Mrs. Sakala saw the girl lying beside the road and felt sorry for her. Mrs. Sakala had started her catholic faith as a sister, but in her last year after realizing being a sister had not been her calling, met Mr. Sakala who she later married. After ten years of marriage, her husband past on living her widow with no child.mr Sakala had died from a heart attack in his sleep.

Mrs. Sakala asked a man who happened to be passing at the time to put the child in her car and drove off.

When Kuyana woke it was late in the evening. The woman offered her a bath, clean clothes to wear and gave her food. Later that night after she had found some strength, Kuyana explained to Mrs. Sakala all that had happened to her to the moment she had found her unconscious. She was moved at her such a young child and now a young woman would be subjected to such cruelty and abuse at such an early age. Form that moment on Mrs. Decided in her heart that she would take Kuyana as her own child and educate her.

Kuyana went to bed that night and for the first time in her life slept on a bed.

Mrs. Jere arrived from the hospital with her three daughters who found their house wide open. Someone had emptied the whole house living only two beds which had been too heavy to move. She remembered what Kuyana’s mother had said to her and tears began to fall down her checks because she knew they were many more challenges ahead of her.

The following morning Mrs. Sakala toke Kuyana to the priest who heard her touching and emotional story.

19 year old Kuyana returned to school and started grade ten after going to her old school which had confirmed her passing very well and being the best the year she had written her exams. She worked very hard and was always at the top of her class. All this time the one sister who had loved Kuyana had been searching for her day and night and two months had quickly gone by.

One Monday afternoon veronica was going home from school when she saw her step sister Kuyana walking on the side of the road wearing a school uniform. She parked the car on the side of the road and run after her sister and hugged her. She was filled with joy and sorrow. She gave her sister a ride home where she met Mrs. Sakala  ,she was happy she had found a good home and her mother who loved her like she needed to be loved.

Veronica returned home and said nothing to her sisters or her mother. Every Saturday afternoons, veronica would go to see Kuyana. She dropped out of unza and decided she would go back to school and pass on her own .and she would surly do so with Kuyana’s help. But it had not been the same for her sisters who had been there house a hotel for men. Jane had later run off to another country with a married man.

Since their mother could not do anything, veronica remained home with her all day and looked after the house and when Natasha had returned home from unza and men. Veronica would go for night classes. She worked very hard and every weekend she would bath her mother, cook her food waited for her to eat .then put her in bed before going to see Kuyana.

During her last year of school Kuyana worked harder than she had all the years, now a baptized and confirmed catholic. She worked hard in school and in her faith. As usual every Saturday veronica would go to Kuyana house to learn but this Saturday had been particularly different. The two girls sat under a tree doing math. When Kuyana’s mother appeared to her daughter and smiled waving her goodbye but veronica did not see her. That moment Kuyana knew everything would be okay. Veronica returned home that day and found her mother sited on the floor crying with her eyes wide open. Her sight had been restored and she was filled sorrow and regrets for all the things she had done to Kuyana and there was no turning back time.

Veronica hugged her mother in tears and made a plane with mother, who wanted to teach her two daughters a lesson.


Kuyana was on her way back home from school, when she saw the car she had seen three years ago. This time she did not run she stood she did not run. The car parked by the side of the road and a young man came out holding a bag .it was Daniel. He handed her the bag and inside it was her chitenge .then she remembered the boy she had given it to many years ago.it was him, `I knew it was you but I was not sure. What happened to you I have been searching for you for such a long time? ’Kuyana put her head down, entered the car and he toke her home. When she got home she found her mother sited outside with two catholic sisters.

Daniel was touched and moved by Kuyana’s story, he could not believe such treatment still existed, but it did and Kuyana went through it all.

Veronica and her mother watched her two sisters lose their ways. Each night different men would come in and out of the house till finally what she thought would come to pass happened. One morning Natasha stormed out of the house and began to throw up on the grass, when she was done she got up turned and came face to face with her mother who slapped her in the face and dragged her to the car and drove her to the hospital were the doctor declared her pregnant and she had no idea who the father was because she had slept with so many men.

Mrs. Jere and her daughter veronica had now become fully committed Christians.

Kuyana wrote her grade twelve exams and passed, she was sent abroad to study business law for 6 years.  And Kuyana returned home as soon as her studies were done .Daniel had been waiting for her.

Three years later Kuyana was managing a big co-operative company with over a million employees.

 Jane who had disappeared from home when her mother was blind returned with aids and she did not live long as the disease was now at its worse and hadn’t gotten any treatment. On her 30th birthday Jane was found dead in her room and her. Two months later and 5weeks through her pregnancy Natasha killed herself.

Veronica finished her education and went to work for her sister Kuyana were she met a white man named Brian her husband. She had a huge wedding; all her work mates and family members come. After her wedding veronica, her mother and travelled abroad were they lived.

7 years later Kuyana and Daniel got married and two years in their marriage she fell pregnant and gave birth to twins whom she named after her mother and father and a foundation was later opened to help children who had problems of child abuse in their homes and at school which was named the Kuyana foundation for abused children.


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