the magical spectacles

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
this story is about a scientist and his weird inventions.once,he invents a spectacles with magical powers.
but,due to some reasons,those spectacles goes into the hands of evil.
this story mainly focuses on how the scientist gets back the spectacles and protect the nation

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



"Yessssss....."Albert shouted with

atmost excitement."I have finally

created it.

Sarah gazed at him in

amazement.It is as if like a

dream for both of them.

Albert know that it is one of the

greatest inventions all time.

He also know that it will fetch

him more money and fame.

But,he has other plans.

The thing which Albert have invented was Spectacles.

I know this sounds funny.But that spectacles have special powers.

The objective of those spectacles is to give correct ideas for the scientist.

Albert,Is a scientist with no fame(hence,no money).He is a hard working man.

He gives his 100% attention on the work he was doing but fails to achieve success.

His success ratio is 1:100(He frequently gets irritated  due to this.).

But now things have changed.He have invented some thing which no one can even think of.

He can get more fame due to this invention.

But he has other Ideas.

He thinks that he can achieve anything with help of these spectacles.So he finally decides to 

keep those spectacles with him.

Since he knows that the spectacles will become a threat to the nation if it goes to the wrong  hands,so he finally decided to hide those Spectacles from others.


The Magical spectacles consists of three Modes(or levels) namely Normal,Medium&Danger modes.

Normal and medium modes are for used for common works where as Danger mode is only advisable to be used during tough times.

With the help of spectacles,Albert have achieved many things in his life.

Now he was considered as one of the top scientists in the world.Every were shocked by seeing Albert's inventions but they don't know that the main cause for his success is the magical 

The only one who knows about the spectacles is Sarah(Albert's Wife).

Even though  Albert have had a child(named John),he didn't say anything about his invention to

 him.He thought that it is not advisable to say  john about it.But Albert knows that,John will

 definitely find out the truth about those spectacles one day.

His assumption became true.One day,when he was working with those spectacles,John suddenly came to him.

On seeing john,He tried to hide those spectacles,but fails to.

When john asks Albert about those spectacles,he narrated the whole story(even though he 

don't want to).



John at school:-

"Hey guys"said john to a group of students.

"hey john,whats up"Kevin asked."Why are u rushing?Any thing important?"

"yes"said john with a grin on his face.

"What is the matter john?Don't waste my time,say it quickly?"said Jack(boy next to kevin) with a

 serious look.

John have narrated the whole story about the magical spectacles to them.

John have thought that they would be amazed to hear him.But,his expectations were reversed.

Everyone started laughing at him. They didn't trust him.Instead they thought that he was trying

 to fool them.

After few minutes,every one stopped laughing.Then John started speaking.

"But,I was speaking the truth.You should trust me."

"Oh really?Can you prove it?"Kevin asked.

John was unable to speak now.Every one around him started laughing at him,again.

"Ok,I'll bring those spectacles to the school,tomorrow"Jack answer with a low tone which made everyone surprised.

Albert have became one of the best scientist's in the world.

He have achieved what ever he want to in the field of science and technology.

He know that,it would be a threat for him if he hides those spectacles for a long time.

So he finally decides to expose those spectacles to the world.

He discusses about this matter with his friend Yaswanth who was one of the member of "United Scientist's Federation" .

Yaswanth,after discussing with the other members of USF,informs Albert that he can persent his

 invention before everyone on Apr 10.i.e.,After two days from that day.

Now ,scientist feels a bit comfortable after listening Yaswanth's words.

Since the next day was Sunday, John was at home(There was no school).He is still thinking about the promise made by him to his friends.

He knows that he will become a fool if he fails to show those spectacles to his friends.

So,he was waiting for the correct time to rob those spectacles.

On the other side,Albert was very happy.He shared the news with Sarah.She too felt happy.

He knew that if he show his incredible invention to the world,he would become much more popular.

Sarah suggested Albert to say this thing to John,but he refused to do so as he want to thrill john.

Albert thought that everything was in his hands,but he couldn't predict that he was going to fall in great danger.

It was monday. Albert was on his way for presenting his greatest achievement before USF.

He was thrilled and a bit tensed too.He then starts imagining his future,how it is going to be.

Finally he reaches the conference hall.

There were about 1000 scientist's before him willingly waiting for his presentation.

Though he feels very excited , he controls himself and starts him presentation.

"Hello,ladies any gentlemen.I am Albert and I am going to present my new invention 'The magical spectacles' before you.

Many people started laughing but a few listened to him very carefully.

Then he slowly explained everyone about his experiment which made everyone attentive.

He said everything about the spectacles and the benefits the country will have due to that.

Then,one of the scientist raised up and asked him to show those spectacles to everyone.

Albert nodded without any hesitation.

He then opened the box and showed it to everyone.He thought that everyone would be thrilled my seeing it.

But,everyone again started laughing at him.

The box was empty.This implies that the spectacles was stolen.

Albert's face went down with shame.He rushed out of the conference hall with anger.

He know that this work was done by John.

He finally reaches to John's school and rushes to his classroom.

John was very happy for getting those spectacles into his hand.

He was aware of the fact that his father will scold him for the thing he have done today.

But he was more interested in satisfying his friends as other kids.

When he showed those spectacles to his friends,everyone got excited on seeing it.

They asked him to try for once but he refused to do so.

Even though Science class have started along back,no one were intrested in listening to it.

Everyone's eyes were on the spectacles.

This thing irritated Mr.Henry(science teacher) the most and he forcefully takes those spectacles from John.

John requests Henry to return those spectacles back.

Henry,refuses to give it back.

Since it is a gadget,he says John to bring his father to collect it and orders Peon to keep it safely in the store room.

When john was listening to Physics class,there was a call for john from peon saying that his father have come to see him.

When Albert asks John about the spectacles,he narrates the whole story.

Then,John rushes to the store room with the permission of the principal in search of the spectacles.

The spectacles were there lying on the floor(due to peon's carelessness).

Albert was cool now.His fear didn't come true.

Albert reached home finally along with John.

He scolded john for everything.John admitted his mistake and said sorry to Albert.

Albert was no longer angry now.He said John not to repeat such kind of things again for which john nodded.

Albert was about to place those specatcles into the box before he observed something odd.

"Holy shitit was fake.These are not the original ones"Albert shouted.

He knows that it would be a great threat to the world if the spectacles goes into the wrong hands.



Albert was feeling bad about the thing which took place the day before.Though it was due to his son(John),he didn't blame him.

He informed about this to his friend Yaswanth.

"I think it would be better if we inform this to the police"Albert said to yaswanth.

"Hmm..,huh...,I don't think.. its a good idea,Albertt.."Yaswanth answered in a very unusual manner.

There is a fear in his voice when I said the word "police".

For a sec,I thought he would be the thief but changed my mind.

Why would he rob those spectacles.

He was a good and hardworking person and also a friend of mine from a long time.

So,I stopped thinking about it.

The next day when I have switch on the t.v,there was a news about the thief.

"An unknown person have robbed money from a local bank.Two police men who tried to stop the thief in escaping were injured seriously."The news stated.

A video clip was shown in the t.v which showed how the thief succeeded in robbing the money.

"He was our school peon"shouted John from behind.

After listening to John's words,Albert's happiness has no limits.

Within five mins,Albert and John rushes out of home in search of the known thief.

Albert,along with John and Yaswanth goes in-search of the peon.

Finally they succeed in finding the peon in an old garage.

"Where was my spectacles"Albert asks with a high tone.

"Which spectacles?"Ron(peon) asks Albert with an innocent voice which makes Albert frustrated.

Albert beats Ron on his face by using his full strength.

Albert repeats his question once again.This time Ron,getting scared of Albert,pointed his finger towards the man beside Albert.

"What,say me the truth stupid.Why will yaswanth...?"

"Yes,it is with me"yaswanth answered."I have just used Ron for my uses.I am the real thief,not he."

"Then my doubt was true then.But why?"

"Because i am in need of money"Yaswanth said.

"You are actually in greed of money,yaswanth"Albert shouts back."Return my spectacles back to me."

"Never"Yaswanth shouts on Albert before hitting him hard on his face.

Albert was now unconscious.

After few minutes,when Albert opens his eyes,he finds a super computer before him.

There stands yaswanth doing something unusual.

He was now wearing the spectacles.

John was tied up to a pillor a few feet away from Albert.

Albert plans to hit yaswanth on his head so that he could get  the spectacles back.

He was about to hit him,but Yaswanth notices that.

Yaswanth manages to defeat Albert with the help of spectacles.

Albert has almost lost his entire energy and he was lying on the floor.

Albert observes that the spectacles was set up in danger mode and that was the actual cause why yaswanth was behaving so cruelly.

"Do you know what I was doing Albert?"Yaswanth asks.

"I was going to hack the details about our country's military and going to sell those details to the terrorists.This idea was given to me by your spectacles."

"But why?"Albert asked.

"I have created many new weapons and models for our country,but I didn't get any name or credit. The whole credit only goes to our USF chief."

"I don't think that it was a big problem?"Albert said.

"Once come into my place any say that word"Yaswanth shouted and starts doing his work again.

Albert was unable to do anything.He then recollects about the weakness of the spectacles.

The spectacles takes at-least 3 seconds to scan the surroundings and to give him Ideas.

So Albert understands that he should be quick to defeat yaswanth.

Communication b/w Yaswanth and the spectacles:-

Yash:-What should I do now.How to hack the server.

Spectacles:-Use a vpn so that u can hide u'r identity and create a duplicate account to enter into the web-page.

Yash:-Yes,I did.

Spectacles:-Now,click on the admin option present in the left corner,and click on ''send information'' to transfer the data.

Yash:-The process was about to complete.And then....

Spectacles:-Watch out,Albert... was...

Yaswanth turned back,but it was too late.

Yash-what should I do now?

spectacles-Go to hell.

Ouch,Yaswanth shouts after being hitted by Albert.

The spectacles falls on the ground .Yaswanth was about to take those but,Albert stamps on spectacles intentionally.

Finally,Yaswanth was put into the prison and Albert any his family members were happy.

Albert leaves the spectacles over there thinking that the spectacles were not working.

After a few mins,a man with brown hair comes a there in search of some thing.

There he sees those spectacles which he picks up and wears.The spectacles was still setup in danger mode.

Then the screen goes blank after he smiles violently(So,the mystery continues).




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