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One never knows the misery tiny, seemingly harmless insects can cause until you get bitten.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



I never knew I had been so savagely attacked until Iwoke up in the middle of the night, with my legs itching like crazy.  It was some of the worst itching imaginable.  In the  morning, when I got up to see why my legs were itching, I was startled to find tiny, red bumps on my legs.  I counted at least ten on one (my left) and more on the opposite leg (my right; there had to have been at least 20 or more).

When I showed my mom my legs, she said I had been bitten by chiggers.  "Chiggers?" I gasped.  "Yes. Chiggers," she said.  

Oh, this is just great, I thought.  NOW what? She said that there was really no treatment except to put anti-itch cream on the bites to relieve the intense itching and to wash my clothes and take a bath to further help with the itching.  She said not to scratch, as I could get infected bites.  

Easier said than done, Ma, I remember thinking ruefully.  The itching was starting to drive me bananas!

I was then trying to wrack my brain, trying to figure out how chiggers had gotten on my clothes in the first place, when I remembered that I had been cutting the grass that had grown; the grass was tall and out of control; yet it needed to be done.  This must have been where the chiggers had been hiding out, and I had no clue whatsoever that they were even there.

The bugs in question are very, very tiny (not much larger than the head of a pin, if even that big!), and they are bright red.  They seem insignificant, but they sure pack a big wallop when they bite!  And most of the time you aren't even aware that you have been bitten until you start itching; it can take up to several weeks for the bites to heal.  And the clothes that you had on when you were bitten need to be washed in very hot water.  You also can relieve itching by applying nail polish remover or nail polish to the bites; these will kill the chiggers that are still alive, and this will further relieve any itching.

If you develop fever, malaise, or any other symptoms of feeling unwell, you'd best get to the doctor because you can then have an infection that needs to be treated.  Other than these things, there's not really that much you can do to prevent getting chigger-bitten.

Oh, and another thing: you can also prevent bites by wearing long sleeves, socks (tucked into your pants), and long sleeves and make sure you walk on a clear path and not through weeds or tall grass.

Lesson learned.  Who ever thought that something so tiny could cause such a big itchy mess????  I am not happy; now I'm gonna have to start worrying about whether I will get bitten again!!

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