The Beauty In Being Alone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Rowdy Living Press
The moment is right now, and real... Make of it what you wish.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017





Life is so lonely when you’re only one,

So lonely but at least unto myself I am always true.

In my writing I can still find fun

While sailing across the ocean blue.


I have many friends even when I am rejected

By every mortal in town.

I never feel neglected,

Cause when I am writing I never frown.


Life can be so lonely when you’re the only one,

But I still have the earth, the sky, the sun,

The supreme spirit by my side,

Unto his gift of writing I shall always abide.


Nobody can spin the tale like me,

With my own magic cast upon the written word.

This good feeling when I dream it you see,

Speaks a story that may be forever heard.


Life can be so lonely when you’re the only one,

Yet still when the other is only trouble I had rather that it be so.

It is me that shall choose the direction that I trod,

I walk where only the bravest of adventurers may go.


I walk where spirits dwell in dilapidated antiquated homes,

I move through deep forests haunted by the unknown,

Breathing in the vaporous scent of bizarre flowers,

Until time has no meaning as I become enraptured by misty showers.


I become delighted by the breath of honey dew,

And the sight of immaculate orchid,

All merging with the lines in the air that my finger drew,

And a menagerie of tears that the live oaks shed.


Yes one is the loneliest number,

The only most  number that ever was;

But at times the peace and beauty are such a wonder,

That I seek it out just because.







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