Earth 2036: Part 3

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I have decided to end the story without much flourish, and may decide to continue with this universe in the future, but I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



Earth 2036

Part III: The Rejuvenate

[Waterfalled Heavens, Year: 0]


“For years have I waited, passing time so small- when along came another petite thing, you. No one would dare challenge me, but you have. For that, you will die.” The Blue God, gone mad, descended from the statue of his likeness. The still form of Tayama waited, with eyes open, patient and oddly serene. As the monstrous blue gas of the God expanded and condensed, his eyes passed over Tayama’s small form. In those swirling eyes of red and blue, something changed. Where once, the poison of Monat had infected, now it was fading. Tayama watched silently, and before the God could speak, he faintly uttered, “Who are you? Are you the creator of all this, these waterfalls and heavens endless? How far you have fallen my lord…” The mute form of the ghastly God paused, musing over his identity, his very being. His blue ghost of a god fell to the ground, pooling up into a small pond, iridescent and sparkling. The inky color of his being, stained by the blood red of Monat’s poison, began to swirl and draw into itself. Tayama, noticing all of this, stood still and a faint smile formed on his lips. His tussled brown hair, ethereal in its form, began to fade and the rest of his body followed suit. The smile never fell from his kind face, until all that was left of young Tayama was a point of light. The monks in the Temple Hall were silent, for the first time in eons, held in place by the tension between God and Man. No laughter came, until one Monk, a quiet and humble fellow, noticed that Tayama’s mote of being was dancing in the air. He was making shapes, mosaics and patterns geometric. “Hah! He’s drawing?!”

Suddenly, the speed of Tayama’s graceful movements grew to a blinding level, glowing shapes growing brighter as he sang through the air, then fell to the ground, still. The Blue God was quiet, for the first time in his existence. No more thoughts, no more judgement. His Blueness had returned to the point of Being, a still pond of rippling waves. The Monks gathered around his solitary form, and began to drink from the pond of his existence, taking the Blueness into themselves. Quietly they slurped and drew from the water, until a few drops were left. These last droplets, Tayama sank into, a tiny flash of light the last mention of his dancing patterns.

“Ahhhh! So this is what it is!” The still form of the Blueness and Tayama mixing, the dark blue liquid took a yellow hue, like honey falling into an ocean. Suddenly the last flashing drops of blue Tayama ooze burst, millions of microscopic droplets of blue life flying in all directions within the temple walls. From out of the shadows of this explosion of rain came a White Monk, Sinfi. He pointed to the clay brick walls of this eternal heaven’s temple and smiled. “Soon, all will be revealed.” His brother monks sat patiently, humming in a baritone tune whilst meditating, waiting for what was to come next. There was a loud knock on the door, and at once, all the Enlightened Monks stood. Calm and serene, they were like an effortless dream.

The wooden doors of the temple blew open, sounds of waterfalls and crashing timber invading the silence that had pervaded Tayama’s departure from the Monks. From out of the light strode a tall, tan-skinned man; not old enough to be a mature adult, but just enough to resemble one in its becoming. The stern brows that covered hateful eyes, were concealed by the light from behind, just enough to hide the red ink in the brown-eyed man. “For years I have waited, and none came to my aid. I sacrificed myself for you more than any friend could ask for, and this is how you repay me? You’re a dead blue glue, an ocean’s snot from being worth compassion.”

The silence was stunning as the Monks did not answer the intruder’s question, knowing it was not directed to them. The formerly Blue God and Tayama that had mixed together, had begun to climb up the walls slowly, like a sick snake. Termite holes formed in the brick clay walls as the light from outside poured in, and the blue slime collected at the top of the room, swiss-cheesing the walls as it did. Its solitary answer echoed through the hollow temple hall, deafening even to the silent monks. “All deserve compassion. All deserve peace, of life.” The very words inspired even greater happiness than the Waterfall Heavens had known previously. Suddenly the tan-clothed Monks all began to laugh uproariously, Sinfi leading them in a chorus of boisterous ecstasy. The stone-faced intruder raised his arm, echoing his call before leaping mightily into the air, “I’D BE ALIVE IF IT WEREN’T FOR YOU!”

Before his cybernetically-enhanced ligature could touch the slimy blue stalagtite, Corrupt Arraz was at once frozen midair. A frosty glow covered his body entirely, and faint vapor slid off of him, giving Arraz’ last stand a serene countenance. His brown eyes held no red stir, but even Sinfi could tell something wasn’t right about him frozen there. Tayama’s new form of creation had begun to pervade the Monks, who had drunk from the Blue Pond previously, and a faint light grew within each one as Sinfi looked around. “This place is going to need a guardian, no more Godly or Ungodly rampages.” He thought, then motioned a hand.

With mere force of will, Sinfi bent the blue pool at the top of the temple and the monks to the ground. All were paralyzed, prostrate before Sinfi, or the Singular Fire as he was once known. None of frozen beings in the room, not even Arraz, who had gazed on infinity in white space, understood Sinfi’s real nature. The effortlessly relaxed and patient white-robed Monk began to tear off his clothing, like he had done on ancient Earth, the faded glitter of his essence mesmerizing in its fractal infinity. No one could gaze upon him and live, so he kept all the Monks, Arraz and the Tayama God frozen on the floor. Before releasing them, he faintly uttered, “Lady luck was just that.” Then disappeared as his infinite fractal glitter collapsed within itself and flashed faintly goodbye, a small fire licking and then expanding from his departure.

The temple hall filled with this soft fire, like an orange mist of warm mana. All the Waterfalls in this Heaven turned from black to blue and began to mix with the peach glow and reverse direction. Young light-beings, recently created, were then vastly aged, bathed in the love of the first creator. Sinfi had reverted to her first form, the one she had been born into when she had first created the universe. Not just a universe, but every singular parallel and multiple universe cross-section had been patiently molded by Sinfi. Her singular flame held the foundations of life in her Mother’s Grasp. She was the first, the eternal flame that has been passed to children of men and women for all eternities. From her likeness had arisen the first event of compassion, yet she had been that event also. Her paradoxical nature was the weakness she hid from observers. She freely shared her love, but none could lay an eye on her and live.

Her endearing compassion for all sentient beings drew Sinfi's warm wave of fire crawling across all universes, in all times. The infection that Monat had spread, red and inflamed, was now cooling under the peach glow of the Universal Mother. The fire spread until all, of everything that has ever existed, was washed in the delicate glow. Monat herself was summoned before the Monks and Tayama-Blue ooze, just as helpless as they. Gathering details of her environment from that paralyzed state on the floor, Monat could only watch as the pink glow of Sinfi turned a yellow tone then began to resonate. The entire floor of the temple collapsed, as the entire waterfall existence became one large churning ocean. Their paralysis ended, the Monks and Monat drifted lazily, in a heavenly stupor. Sinfi collected herself again, descending back to the Ocean Heaven in her White Monk form, she motioned with soft pink hands for the Monks, Tayama, Arraz and Monat to come together. Soon, they were pressed so firmly against each other that none could breathe, not even Monat. With an ear-splitting scream, all the beings began to combine and smelt into one. The color of the ocean waters their only appearance now, their personal identities had been erased.

There at the end of the universe, the blue beings formerly human or of nature were now the foundation for life to begin again. The universe had been reset, once again. Perhaps Earth in the year 2036 will be a peaceful one this time, and if not, why there's always a guardian watching from above. A love that pervades life, yet is untouchable. The new life of this universe would be awash in inspiration from failed times before, with an even greater possibility than the others to achieve enlightenment. Monat had pursued this, and Tayama knew this, but Sinfi forgave all. Second chances were in order.

© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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