de Dia a Noche

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A story about love... everlasting love.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



Once upon a time...a very, very long time ago, there was a man who was so in love with his wife, that he was determined to give her something unique and worthy of her devotion. Something one of a kind that reflected this one immense feeling in his heart. Back in those days, this couple was very well known across the lands and they simply went by Mr. D and Ms. N.

As much as Mr. D loved his counterpart, he felt like they were always opposites. He would have nightmares of running after her...trying to guide her to his light from this very dark place she dwelled in. He would run to her, but every time she'd run as if she was at home within the dark and didn't wish to be saved. It was the same nightmare twice a day. Minutes before work and minutes after, he would scream himself awake with visions of this eternal chase, only to come to and find her there...chasing away his demons and terrors with the same affection he had for her. She was a master to these demons of the dark, yet she was a vision of beauty herself...

whenever he awaken, she would be caressing his forehead with the greatest care and attention to detail, giving him sweet, loving kisses on his cheeks and lips. She was his wife, friend, mother or sister when the visions would devastate him. Whatever he needed. Within her was the voice of greatness (like him actually) and at first breath of "Hush Honey...I'm here and forever yours" he knew they would be together until the last star fell from the heavens. She would end with "you know I can't live without you. I am nothing if you don't exist" and with that, He would fall in love all over if it was the first time his sore eyes were graced by her sight, but he knew that the powers to be had arranged for their union and chasing since time began.

He needed, had to, with no doubt, find this gift...maybe a gift that would shine light upon this dark place he envisioned her in. Unknown to him, she knew that there was nothing they could do about these nightmares of separation and that she was to forever be in dark. She did pray to God however, that he would be merciful and find for them a way to connect...that her husband would somehow be able to extend his light of love to her as she laid in darkness. So...

He looked


up and down 

nose to toe

high and low

to and fro

for this gift that he would bow.

Then he looked as far as he could throw...

and there he saw the moon! As soon as he saw that moon there like a transient in the heavens, He knew the moon and his wife were meant to be as one, for the moon would finally have a home and his wife would have that worthy gift. ...

But Mr. D needed to consult with the only one able to make the moon a gift....

and so he went to heaven and said:

"All mighty, you the one above

the moon I need for my beloved"

so God pondered among doves,

and gestured with white gloves:

"The moon I've never given away before, and although I've heard the bearing of her soul at prayer, how can you Sir, justify such a splendid gift for her? Why should I part from my beloved moon?"

Mr. D, shocked but happy God would even consider his request, answered with the confidence of a King to his people: "I want to give her the moon because she's the sugar to my salt! She's as long as I am. So long my dear is, I feel like she covers half the earth at times when she stretches, but while I'm white, with blond hair, she's beautiful, dark and mysterious! 

When I'm tired and just want to rest she'll come and kiss me goodnight and then once again she'll kiss me at dawn right before work. She's so beautiful, she gives my existence meaning and I to hers. I really feel my Lord, like we've been together since the beginning of time!

But my Lord, it also feels like I can never be close enough to her. I have evil visions of running towards her and she's weeping as she matches my speed against me. I don't know what to do...I wish there where a way for me to always be by her side, even at nightmares to a peace her cries.

And so the Lord pondered all words left for him to wonder declared with Zeus's thunder: Mr. D, My decision you'll receive under Seven cycles breaks my asunder Mark all calendars. And so Mr. D nervously awaited those seven cycles and as promised, God returned on the 7th and he spoke:

I've seen the proof upon your history,

You two will forever be...this not a mystery.

I've blessed your arguments with victory!

for I could find no trickery

but a gentleman soon free from misery.

and for his beautiful wife,

A new moon and life!

And with those words, God manipulated the heavens and the earth with wonderful, thunderous noises! God then handed the moon to Mr. Day and he spoke:

"To you I present this moon for your beloved lady the Night. You will have the power to reflect your light and guide your beloved in the darkness thru this jewel. Whenever she calls for you, streak your rays to the moon and it will light the darkest corners out of existence. 

The thunder you felt my Son was to end your brutal nightmarish will now be forever able to grace the beauty of night with your fingertips as you'll still be running, but now by the hand and whenever I make an eclipse thru this moon, the two of you will be one in love for as long as I allow it.

I've fixed your permanent embrace with your beloved by fixing all the flatland that you see and made it a circle for? your light to forever kiss her.

And so from that day forward, the moon eternally belongs to the Night. Day and Night will always and forever live happily together in the twilight, until the last star falls from the heavens.

Day's face imprinted on the moon with happiness when he put it at her feet like he promised. If you look up at night and he gives you a ray, you can see his smile upon the moon.

- Luiz D. Syphre


Dedicated to M&M.  KTFM.

© Copyright 2017 Luiz Syphre. All rights reserved.

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