Tales of the Legendary Shinobi

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Refugees

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



"You leave a lot of corpses behind, drifter."

Wha- damn... I got taken out... A roof, bed... bandages. Looks like I got really lucky.

"You got lucky." The mysterious voice continued.

"Yes." I replied unamused

"What brought you here?"

Ugggh, my head. This is ten times worse than the worst hangover you can get. I should look around... get back to my senses.

"No, no! Don't get up yet, you are barely intact. They were still beating you up at the time we arrived."


"Oh, sorry we are a refugee company, we usually scavenge, but we also help the guys that the holy nation idiots chase around for god knows what."

I looked towards the voice. A younger man, barely twenty, was looking back. Bright red hair was sticking out from under his tagelmust, a padded cloth turban wrapped around from his head to neck. Instead of proper clothing, he only had a ragged orange monk robe. He must have been a holy nation monk. Contrary to the fancy title, these guys were pretty much slaves working off their "sins" until they either died of exhaustion or ran away.

He didn't seem to mind my focused look.

"I'm Rags, what about you?"

"Oh, uh.. Sarus, I'm Sarus. Thanks for saving me."

"No problem!" He smiled.

"Oh and about that first question, I'm heading to Hub."

"How convenient! We are heading to Hub aswell! It's our base of operations."

Well aren't I lucky. I might get to Hub afterall!

"Do you think I could sell my gear there?"

"Why, of course! We really need this sort of stuff aswell."

"Now that I think of it... where is my gear?"

"It would be uncomfortable if you slept in it so we put it over there, by the door."

The door opened at the same time I looked in its direction. A rugged, bearded man came in. His attire was a black dustcoat and a leather tricorn hat. A large white nodachi was sticking out behind his head. His gear was so high grade, it could be considered even better than the paladins. As the grey hair and wrinkles signified, he was a rather old person.

He slowly walked towards me.

I inspected him thouroughly.

What does this guy want with me? I hope it isn't some bounty hunter sent by that merchant. He might have tailed me all the way here. With that shirt on and everything I must have been very easy to track.

"So you woke up. Very good, I am glad we got there on time." The man said in a serious, elderly voice.

Huh, well I am glad that you don't seem to be here to kill me...

"He is heading for Hub as well, sir." Rags informed the old man in my stead with a happy tone.

"Very well, I am Gorge, the leader of these guys, you can join us, we have a base in Hub.

A base, huh, well it would certainly help having some allies, and the opportunities to train might be plenty as well.

"Well, yea, I can join you, it's not like I have anything to do or something..."

"That's great! It will be awesome to have you on our side." Rags was still brimming with enthusiasm.

What's up with him? That might be even more naïve than me... This guy seems fanatically loyal, yet at the same time looks like he means well. Interesting.

"Yea, so.. when are we departing?" I inquired, inspecting my wounds.

"It might take some time for you to be in a travelling condition, so we will probably wait a day or so. Our medic will take care of you so don't worry." Rags replied.

"We shall leave you alone for now, don't move around and ruin our bandaging please." Gorge said as he was opening the front entrance with Rags following close behind.

I was left in a cozy room with clay walls covered in rugs as a means of thermal isolation. It was filled with simple wooden furniture and pottery, no sign of technology except for a few lights here and there.

A large bag filled with my stuff was still sitting on a wooden rack in one of the corners. They didn't even take anything. There might be some kind-hearted people in this world afterall...


The head is still pulsing with pain... I might have to wait it out. I moved the bed sheets to take a look at my wounds.

My long cargopants and grey shirt were still on. Judging by the awful pain and a large amount of cloth wrapped around it, I'd say that my right leg is broken. That would explain the waiting for "travelling condition".

Well, I should check if I am able to move atleast a little.


One more leg over the bed...

The front door opened. A raven haired woman entered the room. She had similar rags on her as Rags (xD). Although, she also had two red bands of cloth on her arms, probably signifying that she was the medic the two men mentioned.

I won't get to sit today, will I?..

"What are you doing?! You'll ruin my work!" She exclaimed as she hurried towards my bed.

"I just wanted-"

I was grabbed and carefully put back on my back into the bed by her.


"You, just... sleep there!" She said with a sligthly panicked voice.

"Do I really have to spend the entire goddamn day in a bed?" I sighed.

"Uhhh... yes, yes you do. Now let me do my job." She said as she began her check up.

I shouldn't make any more attemps or they will station a guard here or something... Seriously, what's up with this, It's not like me standing up will bring the end of the world...

Ugggh but staying 4 hours straight in a bed with terrible pain all over your body isn't the best relaxation...

Actually, I feel quite a bit better than when I first woke up... Huh...

What time is it anyway... I feel tired...


The pillow took me by surprise as I quickly fell asleep...

A ray of light was entering from the ceiling of the room.

Morning, huh?

Not much pain either.

I looked around, the room was still empty.

I'll risk it.

I very slowly and carefully moved my legs into a sitting position. Looks like I can handle moving already, that was quick...

Well, time to explore!

I stood up, the right leg still hurt a little but it handled my weight well. No running for me anytime soon though...

Hmmm I shouldn't take my stuff yet. That is way too much for me to handle currently.

I took my trusty sword which was still bloody from my last battle and opened the door.

Hot air and bright sunlight flowed into the room. I squinted my eyes, a bright sandy desert welcomed me.

So I am still in the middle of nowhere.

I left the small clay hut and looked around. It seemed to be the last house in a somewhat of a street. The street led to a small oasis which was pretty much the first hint of life around here. A few palms and grass were lazily swinging in an ever so slight breeze.

Huh, there is also some kind- ugh what is that...

An awful smell was coming from my right, like the smell of sweat and manure combined.

A garru looked at me from behind one of the buildings.

Well, that would explain the smell...

The four-legged hunchbacked creature was looking at me curiously. It's usefullness a pack creature used widely by merchants and mecenaries for transport of goods made it very widespread across the lands of Kenshi. It was still surprising that there were some out here in the middle of nowhere, the maintenace for them all the way out here must be costly.

I slowly walked towards the oasis. The sun already made me sweat slightly.

I am sure glad that I got here, because I am pretty sure I would be burned alive if I was still travelling today.

The sand village was really tiny, but kind of cozy and heartwarming at the same time. About 6 or 7 buildings created a circle around the central oasis with a small street of 4 buildings ,including the one I was sleeping in, sticking out.

What was definitely NOT cozy was the fact that I didn't see a single human being yet.

I continued my walk downstreet, revealing the garru enclosure behind on of the buildings. the three garru inside were watching me curiously.

I made a light smirk at the stupid creatures and turned my head back to the road. I saw a pair of eyes quickly dissappear behind one of the buildings facing the oasis.

Okay, now that's just weird.

I picked up the pace and quickly walked over to the end of the street. There was no one behind the building. However, a door opened.

It was Gorge, once again in his black coat.

He turned his sight towards me.

"Good, we're leaving." he said nonchalantly

"Wait what?"

Isn't it a bit... too soon? I had both my legs broken mate... a little bit of care wouldn't hurt...

"Well you are up and walking, are you not?" he asked.

"Um, I can go back to bed if you want..."

He laughed.

"Its not that simple I'm afraid." He paused and returned to his serious posture. "We have no time to spare here, you travelled across here, you should know that."

"Fair enough, I'll go pack my stuff."

"Too heavy, Rags will take it for you, you'll get it back at Hub."

I let out a sigh, it's a nice gesture and I wouldn't be able carry the heavy stuff all the way to Hub, but it's still worrying giving all my stuff to the people I met barely a day ago. I still have my sword with me so that's a plus.

"Oh by the way there was some sort of a guy..."

"Don't worry about it, probably a local kid being curious."

"Okay then.."

"We're meeting here in ten minutes so look around or something and then be here."

"Okay, I'll check this place out then.."

"Carry on then, I'll go take care of some stuff." Gorge said as he went in the direction of one of the larger buildings, presumably the house of the town elder.

The desert went back to it's quiet state as both of us went our ways. The oasis was almost crystal clear, it's blue beauty and the green foliage around it were a feast for the eyes in the middle of such a desolate place.

Hmmm, I wonder where others are then... I'll check the other side.

I walked towards a group of three buildings directly opposite of the house Gorge walked out of.

Huh? Voices? No... that seems to be shouting. Who is that...

I walked towards a small hut where the shouting originated from.

A woman and a ma- is that Rags? .. and the other one must be the medic...

The shouting didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon so I decided to sneak under the window of the small hut.

"-just shut up about it! Gorge would kill me if he found out!" Rags argued

"I did what I could, I gave you time and you still shout at me!" The medic woman exclaimed.

"Okay whatever, just get your stuff quickly before something goes to shit..." Rags quieted down.

Shortly after the door of the hut opened.

Oh shit, where do I go...

I panicked and quickly jumped on the street as if I was just passing through.

Rags tilted his head in confusion. He he did a sort of a jump when he realized it was me.

"H-Hello... uh... we're departing already?"

"Um.. Yes... What was that about by the way?"

"O-Oh... so you had to listen to that unpleasantness... Nothing important just a little sibling rivalry..."

"So the medic is your sister?"

"Right... yes she is my younger sister... Mel"

"Oh... I see..."

Both of us paused for a moment. A very very long moment... atleast it seemed to last forever in my head.

Ahh the lovely awkward quietness. I should leave them to it... what a weird argument though...

"Well I will continue my walk then if you won't... mind..."

"Yes, ofcourse go on. We still need to pack our stuff."

Phew! I hope he didn't notice me under the window...

I finished my walk around the village, I finally actually met some locals who seemed somewhat nervous around me, but didn't mind me that much. They were mostly cactus farmers in their traditional embroidened white loincloth, the women also usually wore a colorful poncho over their clothes. They didn't seem very hungry either so life must be very peaceful for them with all their profits from cactus rum. I was actually a little jealous of them, but then again who knows what they have to go through. I slowly walked back towards the house I stayed the night in. It's door was open and two men in the usual refugee rags were moving several crates towards the garru enclosure. I greeted them with a nod and went on inside the house. My stuff was still there, altough Rags was already packing it for transport.

"Hey there Saru- You won't mind if I call you Saru, right?"

"Heh, if you want to." I smiled.

"You need anyting from this stuff? I am almost finished packing here."

Huh, I am glad he either didn't notice me sneaking up on them or he simply forgot about the whole thing.

"Just the bandit ragged clothing, I use it as upper armor."

"Very creative! Although we actually got some loincloth from the locals for getting rid of their bandit problem. Wanna try it?" He asked with his usual childishness.

"Is it atleast padded or something?" I asked. It is very important to wear and take stuff only if it is necessary, otherwise it is a hindrance in both combat and travel.

"I doubt it, I mean, it is tough, but you would have to wear something under- Wait! You could wear both the bandit rags and the loincloth above it! It would be perfect for this desert enviroment."

Whoa, he actually said something inteligent...

"I see... good idea." I replied as I took the clothing from a bag Rags gave me. I quickly put both layers in me.

I look funny... but also a lot more normal.. no skirts this time!

"Whoa! You look a lot more cool than I imagined! Altough the colorful embroidery ruins the tough swordsman look..."

I sighed.

"Where should I wait for you guys?"

"I think Gorge told us to gather at the end of this street... I'm not sure though..."

"I'll go check" I replied as I took a small pouch of bandages from the bag Rags was packing and left the room.

The street was a little more active with a few of Gorge's men preparing the caravan for the journey. At it's end Mel was talking to some person with heavy leather gear and a pair of swords on his back, likely a mercenary or a soldier from refugee ranks. She already had a large backpack on her back and a pair of men were already heading in her direction aswell. It would seem we are departing soon.

I continued walking at a leisurely pace towards the meeting point. Seeing new places like this is truly amazing... I enjoy travelling like this. Although I would appreciate it without the part when everything wants to kill you...

Mel saw me over the shoulder of the armored warrior. She waved me over with a surprisingly smiling face.

"Good to see you walking again Saru!"

What's up with these attitude changes... I feel like something is terribly off...

I snapped out of my thinking as I realized I should probably reply to her.

"T-Thanks... and thank you for saving me..."

There was a slight blush on her for a second... or I am imagining stuff...

"No problem... We are heading out in a few minutes... Do you have everything with you?"

"Yes, I was checking if we are meeting here."

"Yes, you can wait here. Even Gorge is here already." Mel said as she nodded in Gorge's direction.

He was accompanied by Rags and another armored refugee. All three of them wore white clothing to minimize heat although Gorge still had his black coat on... the poor guy must be boiling by now...

He slowly walked towards us

"We're departing."

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