Child of God Chapter 1

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The everyday life of the children of God and their struggle through life

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



I believe in luck, whether it is good or bad, I know it exists and controls my life, let’s take for example yesterday. I was living my ordinary life when my eyes saw something wonderful, on the floor, there was a wallet and not just any wallet, I scanned it fully and to measure its thickness, color, and scent, and all of it was beautiful. Every single aspect of that wallet was blinding, and I wanted it, I desired it, but wait, what if the consequences for grabbing it were more severe than leaving it there, can my consciousness and my morals accept what I’m about to do?

The constant struggle between what I find correct and wrong was killing me, which takes me back a month ago when I was still in high school. Back in high school I had already adapted to the hierarchical society and my role in it as a nobody, but I still didn’t enjoy seeing others suffer, and that’s what brought my own demise. Jimmy Thomson was being bullied by Dick (I call him dick because I already forgot his name, I don’t care enough to remember) and I thought about helping little Jimmy to fulfill my own sense of justice, so I decided to punch him hoping for a knockout (Not really, just hoping to injure him enough to stop hitting others). The thing is, I applied a little too much force in my punch and it was so strong Dick went flying ten meters into the wall.

My own desire to be correct with my actions brought me expulsion from high school, and not even Jimmy thanked me for helping him (Guess I became the monster I tried to defeat) and my aimless wanders through the city after that day were what brought me right down to my destiny, to this moment in my life where my own decision may bring again the destruction of myself. “If it’s on the floor, it’s worth even more” my brother once said, I’ve decided, even if it kills me again, I will get the wallet, and it will be mine, no matter the outcome of my fate.

The wallet was not there anymore. I had wandered too much and two hours had already passed, “Guess not everything that’s free it’s worth grabbing” I became estranged with myself as I found my own thoughts absurd, while continuing walking along the city of wonders.

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