Roses steal their thorns.

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The route of love is never without danger, nor is it perilous. It can even be the cause of an unexpected demise.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



I hate love. The very idea of having feelings for someone else other than myself actually makes me phisically sick. I know that I sound bitter or twisted. So what if I am, I'm just a fourteen year old girl, at least I use to be. Or I pretended to be, for the guy that I loved. In the begining he belonged to a girl. I was more naive than I lead on. What adolescent boy could come out to young ignorant crowd of vultures. At first I just wrote it off as an idle thought from a wandering mind. But then those thoughts I could no longer ignore, before to long they became unattended fantasies. I would watch from the background as those two would frolick and play. It was sickening how much they were enjoying each others company. To me it was just unfair, I should have been apart of the leisurely recess they had. At lunch time I would spy on them, and in between classes I would track them from distance. Every other day I would leave short letters and little trinkets I purchased in their lockers, none of that secrect admirer stuff, just keeping an I on them. I did everything I could to make that those two remained happy, at least until I got the courage to approach him and tell him how I really felt. Terry was his name. He was student president and a superb art student. His lover at the time, her name was Gwen. I absolutely detested her, nothing she did for him would amount to anything, her efforts were lackluster in comparison to what I had in store for her. I needed his lips against mine, I wanted Terry to have my heart, he deserved it and I deserved his. So I waited until the week of the first school dance and placed a note inside of his locker, I told him that we would be together no matter what, there was a purple lipstick stamp at the base of the letter. His favorite colour was purple, so I knew he could'nt resist. I also left a gift for Gwen in her locker, it was a thorned rose with a tiny note attached to it, all it said was "stay away". I guess she did'nt notice the dried blood on the thorns, but whatever, I was sure that she got the message. Terry would be mine. After school had let out I caught a ride on Terry's bus so I could know where he lived, his plans would involve me and only me, and before the night was over I would see to it that Gwen and the whole school knew it. I was hiding in the back of the bus, just when I had gotten comfortable, that tramp Gwen got on the bus and sat next to Terry. She sat next to my guy. I saw red after that, Gwen could'nt get away with this. I was all the man that Terry would need. I rode the bus until the very last stop and got with some kids I had chemistry class with. I had all the information that I needed, tonight would go exactly as planned, even if blood needed to be seen, tonight would be the night that Terry would be mine. Later on that evening I had gotten dressed and ran back to Terry's neighborhood, he had'nt left yet. I watched him as he got dressed, those fantasies I had were so close that I could taste them. Just as I i got ready to enter his room Gwen busted in and ruined everything. She wrapped her arms around Terry and began kissing him. In my mind I was screaming for  Terry to push her away, but instead I watched in horror as those two took off their clothes. She took every inch of Terry that should have been given to me. I was so infuriated that I stopped breathing. A half an hour had passed before they had finished, by that time I was fed up. Gwen had to die, but not before she knew about the love Terry and I would share. Terry had gotten permission to take the car to the dance, luckily for me the car was unlocked. I jumped in the backseat and l waited for Gwen and Terry. Once they got in the car I laid there silently as those two talked about absolutely nothing. Ten minutes or so passed, once I was sure we were far enough away from Terry's house I made my presence known. I took the gun I found under the seat and demanded Terry to take us to the nearest lake. After we arrived I made Terry sit in the car, I told Gwen to get out. She was frantic, she was afraid and that's what I wanted. I expressed how much I hated her, and how I wanted her to stay away from Terry. She began to cry and beg for her life, but I wasn't phased. I wanted her to concede and walk away, but she refused even with the gun pressed to her face. I viciously pistol whipped her until her face was bloody and swollen, Terry screamed from the car for me stop. I fired off a warning shot, Terry didn't know I wouldn't him, but I could'nt let him interfere. Gwen on the other hand, well I just wanted her to walk away. She insisted that she stay, she begged me to stay, so I just pummeled her some more. I just kept hitting her, until she finally screamed that she was pregnant. My heart stoppped, I felt absolutely nothing. I grabbed Gwen by her hair and threw her up against a tree pressed the gun to her right cheek and told her to tell the truth, tell me that this was some frail attempt to get me to stop. But the look on her face told me everything I needed to know. I felt my body turn sub-zero cold. So I put the warm barrel against her stomach and fired twice. Gwen bled everywhere, I had even shot her in both knee caps just so she could'nt run away. Shortly after that I heard Terry screaming, I guess I had become so fixated on the victory over Gwen that I lost focus. I went to get Terry, looked pale and sick almost like he did'nt know who I was, frightened even. I tried to give myself to him, but he only rejected me more. My heart broke more and more, knowing that I did all of this for him wasn't enough and it became clear that nothing I did for him would ever be enough. I checked the clip, there were two bullets left. The thought killing myself crossed my mind, but I knew if I did that I would never get to see Terry again, I walked over to him and told him if he would just kiss me the way he did Gwen I would let him go home to his family. Terry began to shake, he seemed reluctant at first and then he grabbed me by my waist threw me against a tree and he kissed me like it would be the last kiss he would ever have. I had only heard of this kind of passion in love stories, but Terry was finally treating the way I wanted him to, Terry was finally mine. After he let me go a look of disappointment covered his face. I knew what he wanted and I knew what I had to do, I dropped the gun in front of Terry's feet and told him to do what he wants. I started to walk away, I heard two gunshots behind me, but I did'nt turn around, I could'nt see Terry that way, so I just the memory of first and only kiss carry me to bed that night, he was my love even for just a moment, Terry was mine.

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