The Hollow and The Saint

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Natural Born Killer

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Two days passed. The contract was due. Hazaki Kojiro was in the car, talking to his second in command, Kazuma.

“Today will mark a new era for the Kojiro family," said Kojiro.

“But sir, forming an alliance with the Italian mafia will limit our potential clients, not to mention the restrictions they’ve already forced on our dealers,” said Kazuma with a worried tone.

“Don’t worry Kazuma, right now we shall ‘go with the flow’, as they say. But we will grow.  We will get stronger and we will become a big wave ravaging anyone who stands in our way. They will soon learn who is in charge!” Kojiro replied.

“Sir, we’ve arrived,” said Kazuma.

Kazuma opened the door for Hazaki. While on their way into the restaurant where the meeting was being held, they suddenly heard what sounded like fireworks.

“Hazaki-sensei!” Kazuma yelled.

Hazaki Kojiro, sixty-three years old and the head of the Kojiro family, died after being shot to death by an unknown individual. Kojiro had been heading to meet with the Zanetti family to form an alliance. The place had been crawling with bodyguards. Still, nobody had noticed the culprit. Not even the shells had been found. It was a clean assassination performed by a ghost.


The next day, after walking Eli to work, I was sitting on a bench at the beach and having a cigarette. This place gave me a peace of mind. Out of the blue, I heard someone calling my name.

“Logan!” It was The Baron, and he was walking my way.

“How did you find me here?” I asked.

“Information is my weapon, remember? Nice place you have here. The view is amazing!” he replied, after sitting down beside me.

"First, congrats on succeeding in your task. I must say, that was some smooth piece of work. Now, tell me, how did you do it?" he asked.

You must be wondering how I pulled that mission off too, right? Well, it was somewhat of a gamble, and I got lucky. There were bodyguards everywhere, so the kill was unexpected, and yet it was the most suitable time to strike. Why?

“Strike where it hurts most, but make sure to surprise the enemy first! You have to imagine yourself as a magician, and your target as the audience,”The Doctor had once said to me.

That is why I chose to do the job in the most secure place, where no one would expect it. How was I undetected? Now that was a bit tricky, yet so simple. I was destined to find a place where I could shoot and vanish without being noticed. The most suitable place was … the garbage can in the alley. Yes, indeed. Who would have thought of that, right? But still, why the garbage can? Well, I could wait there unnoticed until the target had arrived, and when firing the gun, the shells would fall directly into the can.

I got the idea for this plan from my orphanage days. Back then I would hide in a garbage can in the garden and throw small rock pellets at Ms. Marie. She would scream and yell, but she never found out where the rocks were coming from. Until one of the kids snitched on me, of course.

Now, here was the lucky part. The target had to be in my line of sight, with no obstructions or obstacles. Luckily for me, everything fell into place. I spent the first day planning the assassination, and the second day won the practice range. I was a sharpshooter, and The Doctor had always told me that I had a gift when it came to aiming guns. That is how I managed to shoot him twice without missing, with my 44. automatic magazine pistol. That pistol was perfect for the job, due to its long range and high damage potential. Then all I had to do was wait. It took almost four hours for the chaos around me to clear.

But what about the sound of the gun firing? That was simple too. Before Kojiro’s procession had arrived, I had given some kids some fireworks, and told them to light them up when they saw an old man coming out of a car. You can buy a kid’s obedience with just a couple of bucks. So there it was, the perfect assassination, with no witnesses and no evidence left behind.

“Wow, that was unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, I gave you this job because I knew you had potential, but your methods are… unexpected. Your mind functions like a professional assassin,” said The Baron.

“Thank you. However, let me say this - and correct me if I am wrong. The reason you gave me, a rookie, such an important contract was because, well, if I didn’t succeed, they would say a young boy tried to assassinate the Kojiro head. The Italian mafia will be directly accused due to their habit of sending teenage boys to do their assassinations..."

They say that kids in their early teens have low remorse and no regrets, and that is why they have higher rates of success. Plus they won't be prosecuted like adults.

"Your goal from this assassination was to cancel the alliance and ignite a war between the Japanese and the Italian mafia. So either way, if I succeeded or not, it would be a win-win on your part,” I theorized.

He clapped, a smile spreading across his face.

“Oh, kid! It seems you never cease to amaze me. Excellent deduction! I can't confirm what you said of course, and I won't deny it either. But now I can officially ask you to join us, and be part of our crusade in changing the world!"

Changing the world? Do these guys share the same vision as I do?

“Before I give you my answer, just who are you?” I asked.

“Usually, we don't announce our name before the member accepts our invitation, but I guess you are an exception. We, my friend, don’t exist, yet we are everywhere. Everybody knows our name, and yet, nobody knows who we are. We dwell in the dark, but shine the in light. Our vision is fixed on tomorrow, yet it has no limit. We are the eyes that see everything, yet we are unseen. We are the beginning and the end. We are… The Illuminati.”


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