Senator Warren, for a Moment, Sparked Hope

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For a moment, in January of 2015, Senator Warren seemed to care about The People. Sadly, the Senator's concerns were a flash in the pan. This is my letter of hope.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



Dear Senator Warren,

I am so gratified to see that my Florida Senators have a compatriot in the Senate! Across the nation, we are impacted, on a moment-to-moment basis, by the corruption of Big Business in politics. This corruption has led to toxic water, toxic air, toxic soil, toxic food, and toxic mandated "medicine;" necessarily creating the most chronically ill generation of children the world has ever seen.

As mom to two, unrelated, children who suffered severe adverse events post-vaccinations (1 at 14 weeks, which resulted in permanent brain damage, epilepsy, metabolic disturbances which impair mitochondrial function, hippocampal sclerosis, global developmental delay, chronic autoimmunity to her own myelin and brain endothelium, GI dysfunction, and more (this "syndrome" currently called "Autism")-- the other at 24 weeks resulted in her ceasing to breathe while still in the pediatrician's office, requiring resuscitation, and leaving her with severe asthma and eczema, requiring hourly nebulizer treatments, heavy duty steroids, allergy medicine and more), I feel it is critical to educate our lawmakers about the real-world ramifications of allowing PhRMA to sit on the committees which set the vaccine schedule (currently, 32 shots (many more "vaccines," as some shots contain up to 5 diseases) between 8 hours and 24 months of age), and drive the research which, ostensibly, exonerates vaccines of any responsibility for adverse events (despite the Government's own recommendation to protect PhRMA from all liability because they are "unavoidably unsafe" medical devices.

Clearly allowing PhRMA to control any facet of the National Vaccine Program is rife with conflict of interest - now add in the revolving door between the NIH/CDC/FDA and PhRMA, and it is crystal clear there is no consideration for the citizens, only motivation to kiss the hand that bestows financial glory. Now we see 1 in 6 children with learning disabilities, 1 in 50 children with some form of Autism, 1 in <300 children with Severe Autism, booming levels of juvenile diabetes (autoimmunity), record numbers of children with ADD/ADHD, insane numbers of children with childhood cancers (most carcinogenic antibiotics know to man are in vaccines), increasing childhood Lupus and Thrombocytopenia, record deaths of healthy girls days after receiving the HPV vaccine, and record numbers of obese children.

It is well past time to cut the ties between PhRMA, Agri, Big Oil, and our Government officials, agencies, and Boards - the rape and pillage approach is bankrupting our nation of its health, intellectual capability, and financial security.

This family has spent well over $1.7M working to undo the harm to two of our children, delivered at the tip of mandated needles. It has bankrupted our future, our health, our faith, our finances, and our peace. The horror of abuses heaped onto families of injured children by doctors, specialists, "professionals" of all stripes, school administrators and teachers, strangers, and even friends stretches one's psyche to the brink, add the knowledge of the fact you tried for over a decade to stop the harm to others and failed and you are left with chronic pit-of-the-stomach dread and despair -- especially when those you warned return years later to affirm your message was right and they should have listened.

I hope you take the time to read this letter - it could be written by any one of the tens of thousands of families, like mine, who watched their vibrant children become chronically ill, virtually overnight.

Please demand the CDC answer the questions raised by Bill Posey et al. Please ask William Thompson about the CDC's intentional removal of the cohort of black boys, who received the MMR before age 3 and had a 240% increase in the likelihood of developing Autism, from the study purported to demonstrate no link between Autism and the MMR. Please demand real scientists review the construct and conclusions of the CDC-paid "research" used to "prove" vaccines don't injure children - I would be happy to explain why their "science" is anything but valid proof that vaccines are either safe or effective. And, finally, please demand the Vaccine Injury Compensation program be returned to the program it was intended to be - so many children and families are struggling and the parents are aging; soon these children will be adult wards of the State; we need financing and solutions NOW.

My family has waited 12+ years for a chance to be heard by the Special Master (former attorney), in vaccine "court" (where there is no right to Discovery, Subpoena, Precedent, or Jury); to-date, 15,684 petitions have been filed ~4,000 received some form of compensation, 9,860 were dismissed, and just shy of 2,000 await a chance to be heard. Recently, our Special Master informed us we will not be allowed to use a NeuroPharmacologist to explain how the vaccines (a drug) injured our child's brain and body, because, despite 30 years of excellent experience and skill in the field, he is not an MD, so we should, instead, pursue a pediatrician...I remain hopeful our case will be one of the lucky ones considered "compensable," and that, after what will likely be five or more years of dickering over things like what kind of wipes we are allowed to buy by our Government-appointed Life Care Planner, there will be enough of a fund set-aside to assure our child will not be left to the vagaries of a Public institution, cared for by angry minimum wage workers who can find no other income, and sentenced to live her remaining years in a Pharmaceutical straight-jacket.

This is the tragic reality of tens of thousands of families - and the number is growing - please help?!

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Liz P

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