see you again

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something i got stuck in my head while listening to some music.

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Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



He strode into the room, blue collard shirt unbuttoned and his black tie slung haphazardly across his shoulders. The sounds of the party downstairs hummed through the floor as he sank into a recliner near the window. He buried his face in his hands and rubbed his temples. He ran his fingers through his curly brown hair until they came to rest at the base of his neck.

He threw his head back and exhaled a breath that it felt like he'd been holding in forever. Where did I go wrong? Everything was fine, but I fucked it up again. He was startled out of his daze by a knock at the door, 

"Come in." He said, defeated.

The door quickly swung open then closed again, his vision climbed the figure before him it was Maria. Her long red hair cascaded down her back in burning waves of orange and crimson and her brown eyes locked with his a moment and he shuddered. She looked amazing in that blue dress, he legs wrapped in white stockings and her olive skin turned to shining pools of melted beeswax in the dim light of his room.

She too was taken aback by how Callhan looked. His brown hair curled and matted with sweat, his shirt untucked and unbuttoned and his eyes were made red by something that she couldn't tell if it was exhaustion or tears. His broad shoulders were limp and tired.

She nimbly darted across the room, sat on an ottoman and bent until her face was visible to his downturned gaze.

"Cal, what's wrong with you? You've been avoiding me and Charlotte all night." She asked, reaching for one of his hands which he quickly withdrew.

"I don't know what's wrong with me. I just can't bring myself to look eihter one of you in the eyes." He said with a shake in his voice.

"Cal, I'm your friend and you love her-" She was cut off by the sudden jerking movement of his head as he raised it to look at her.

"That's just the problem, i don't." he said, a tear cutting it's way down his face.

Maria tilted her head, confused and worried, "What do you mean you don't?"

Callhan clutched his face in his hands, "I don't love her. I never did."

Maria stood and grabbed his shirt collar, pulling his face so that his gaze met hers, "Then why did you waste that poo girl's time? Why would you lie to her? You don't lie, not often and never in such a grievous fashion."

"It's because I never stopped loving you." He said.

At that moment, Maria dropped him and he let himself fall to the floor, the thud made by his fall couldn't be heard over the music downstairs.

Callhan lie there, unmoving. Maria stood, her bangs shrouding her face. She turned and walked back towards the door. Upon opening it, she looked back over her shoulder, "You were good to me once, now she needs you to be that same person. I hope you ca find it in yourself to be him again." with that said she closed the door behind her, leaving him to his wallowing.



Downstairs, Charlotte saw Maria march out the front door, her chin tucked into her chest. Her and Chris stopped and watched after her.

"I wonder what happened." Charlotte said absentmindedly.

"I'll be right back." Chris said before slipping out the front door after Maria.

In the front yar he found her sitting on a tree stump under the shadow of the greenhouse, her gaze at the ground and her bangs shrouding her face. He sat beside her and sighed,

"It's Cal isn't it?" he asked, in a rhetorical fashion.

She nodded, drawing in a rough breath through her nose.

"What did he say?"

Maria took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down, "He said that he didn't love Charlotte. He said that he never stopped loving me."

Chris' eyes widened and he felt his heart sink a bit before he spoke, "Somehow, I knew that for the longest time, I just didn't want to admit it to myself."

Maria shot him a glance both angry and quizzical, "How?"

Chris shrugged, "Just , I could tell by how he looked at her and how he spoke about her. It's a lot like how I am with Amy. I adore her and I do really care about her, but to call it love would be dishonest. I know he tried really hard to love her, and it is not easy to love Charlotte, I mean have you seen her clean?" Chris said, trying to lighten the mood, "But regardless, he really did try, but you can't make your heart feel things it doesn't. He's trying so hard to make it work, Maria and it's killing him. I don't think either of them can see the damage that they're doing to themselves or each other."

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