Child of God Chapter 2

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Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017




Being the king of high school is sure exhausting Whenever somebody sees  me they always shout or start being noisy “Hey K” or “You look good today K” and even “Nice thighs K” I don’t mind being stalked by cute girls from time to time, but the same happening every single day sure is a pain. I must say though, being the king also has its benefits, praised by the teachers, adored by the students, the best food of the cafeteria, the highest honors, the “kingly” feeling, I don’t even have to enter class and I still get A’s on all my exams, no one bullies me or hates me, and if they do, they can’t do anything thanks to the “special force to protect the king”. Feels like life is heaven, yet sometimes I feel there is a part of me that is lacking, I’m not hollow, but still, why my thoughts make me hate my own status. When did it all start? How did I become the king? Am I really happy like this? Am I really a monster?

After having all these doubts I still can’t resist the ego boosts in my everyday life. People always compliment my looks, and I must admit I’m really handsome. Tall, thin but not slender, golden hair, blue eyes, I sure was born to be the king, but is it correct? Am I allowed to live this life? I feel like my personality is split between two. There is one part, the one who enjoys this life of luxury, I believe these are the best moments of my life and everyone will continue to be under my rule even after high school, and soon enough I’ll become the king of enterprises, and then, king of society itself. Yet, there is a part deep inside of me who wavers throughout this master plan I have for myself “Stop wavering you shit” I said while I punched myself in the stomach, where that “other part” is. I’m glad no one visits this place.

This place, which is my sanctuary, even though it is an abandoned lot in the middle of nowhere, is my only shelter from society, where my own mind can move freely but not forever, only until I have erased my own pure desires of a commoner lifestyle, only until then I will stop coming (or until a big rat or hobo appears and tries to eat me). “One day, all of you will be under my command, hobos, commoners, and even rats will do as I please, because I’m the king of high school, and soon, the king of the world hahaha” I shouted out loud to reassure my egotistical goals, everything would have played exceptionally, except for the fact that my delusions were heard by a cam recorder, a dog without collar, a sad clown, and a murderer. 

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