Across Universe Road

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this is a weird story of a girl named Lavender.

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017





Across Universe Road



Written by Dasha 


















“Lavender! Wake up!” I heard mother calling from the kitchen. “Ugh! Five more minutes? Please?” I responded loudly.

“Lavender out of bed now!” “Mom! I am really tired, I need more sleep.” I said. Mom came storming into the room.

“Lavender!” she pulled my blankets off of the bed, as a stream of cold air shivered up my back. “Out now!” My mother pulled her belt out from behind her back, I knew that if she wanted to mom would whip me with the belt until I got out of bed.“Fine!” I said as she stomped out of the room.

“Now go make your breakfast.”

“Shut up!” I yelled already pouring milk into my bowl.

“Hey! You don’t talk to me like that! Do you understand? I am not okay with your little bratty talk you brat!”

“I’m not a brat! Stop saying that!” I said, then I looked up at her mom’s face and I could tell I  was dancing on my mother’s very last nerve, and it was about to break. So instead of continuing to argue I rolled my eyes, poured milk into my cereal, and shoved bunches of it into my mouth.

Lavender was a short girl with red hair, green eyes, and freckles scattered all over her face. She really was a brat, just like mother had said. She strongly disliked agreeing with anyone but herself and knowing someone was better than her, it made her feel furious! She never wanted to admit she was annoying or of course a brat.

I slurped down my cereal  




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