Child of God Chapter 3

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Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017




I love gossip. I know it is not something a “man” must be into like my dad says, but I still get attracted to everything that arouses my curiosity and having new information every single day is an exciting adventure. The thing is, even if I didn’t want to know about this kind of things, I know about them, I’m in high school, the epitome of gossip, drama, melancholy and suicidal teens. Gossip is always said, and once I hear a piece, I need to have the complete puzzle. Information is what moves the world, and secrets and bad-talk of others is what moves my world, every single detail is stuck to my mind, and I can’t forget them until I can fully understand it, I need it and I can’t live without it, doesn’t matter if it is a sin to spy into other people’s lives, I don’t believe in things like punishment in hell or weird things like that, though maybe punishment in hell by sexy women in devil costumes doesn’t sound that bad. But yeah, my goal is to reveal the truth of the world, don’t get me wrong, I don’t spread this information… public.

My camera and my notebook are my two most important items. I bought the camera for 20 bucks at an alleyway; I just had to erase all those pictures with women and men covered in red paint (what weird fetishes exist in this world). With my tools, I make full investigations and gathering of information, and I just publish it all on my web page: “The Truth Buster of **** High School” and me, with my speaking, communication and ace detective abilities I uncover any secret ranging from “Homework stealer” to “Orgy on the gym” whatever I find, whatever I’ll solve. But enough talking about me, right now there is something, a mystery, a doubt, this question, I haven’t been able to solve it and it has already been a month since it. I guess I must tell you the whole story.

 I was looking for information on the case “does Alice White use white underwear?” when I noticed someone really interesting, none other than the famous and loved king of the high school. But what is he doing by himself on this part of the city? I started following him but for the first time I got a chill down my spine and I felt prying further will lead to disaster, maybe I should go back, can I really accept what I’m about to do and live with it my whole life? Yeah I guess I can, but that was some weird feelings so I’ll write a reminder on my notebook: Never waver; never doubt, only truth can be found, where fear no longer exists. P.S. That was really poetical, never doing it again lol.

Now, let’s go see what the king is doing away from his castle.

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