A Newbie's Attempt At Riddle Poems

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Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



'An intoxicating red, but not wine,

Flowing smoothly, filling you with life.
with every breath, you nourish me.
None can live without, but some fear me.
I shall perhaps never be free,
Always to be imprisoned where none can see.
Pulsing with every beat,
Now do you recognise me?'
'You cannot see me, nor can you feel;
Yet in every haunting shadow I kneel.
Faster than light, plaguing your mind.
Many fear me, but I soothe all.
In me, few wish to fall,
For none know what lurks inside.
Can you tell me, who I am?'
'High above the mortal realm,
Standing proud and alone;
For none dare to approach me
In my burning glory.'
'A slow dance of two to the end,
Of white and black, but no good and bad.
Where knights clash and the queen reigns.
All is sacrificed at the king's feet,
for the kingdom follows his fate.
A bloodless war on monochrome
Of thirty two on sixty four.'
'Adorning you in sadness, at times in joy,
A mother's distress,
The sign of torment.
Barriers broken, flowing freely,
Beautiful pearls seldom wanted.
You must know who we are
For you too shed us
When life is harsh.'
'Softer than the purest silk,
Slipping through your fingers.
Yet, I have the strength of many,
Demolishing rocks and timber.
Flowing freely through paths
Both narrow and wide.
Take a sip and you will reveal
My identity.'
'Not water, nor the earth beneath;
You cannot touch me, only feel.
You cannot see me, but I am not air.
I am hope, and also despair.
 I am sweet, also bitter
And with me,
Life is a tad bit better.
I can break, but I also mend.
Feel your heart, I am there.'
'You cannot feel me, nor can you see.
You do not know me
And I am not sick,
Yet you toil to make me better.
I am a mystery, I am unpredictable;
Yet, in your hands I lie.
With time, the curtains shall unveil,
As of yet, can you tell me
Who I may be?'

© Copyright 2018 Shirayuri Havas. All rights reserved.

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