I don't know

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Hello this is something I wrote by the way everything I write it comes within me

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017




When I die is it time to ride 
Or will you go away and never say bye 
Have me loose my mind as you find the rhyme who's time ain't mine 
Why did you make a promise you couldn't keep
Loosing sleep to oversee the same thing that you know you'll never be. Or like a bee to be the letter b 
What's wrong from right 
Is it right to be wrong or wrong if if ain't right to much to say but never obey la ley to weight the whey that's in your protein shake??
When will they learn that Money
ain't a concern but a burn to turn the most sinister curve against their own 
It's all a sorority
Or a feternity 
Or whatever it is that you think will take control of me 
But never in a thousand miles 
And no need to smile because Posers use that to get higher 
a tote with votes to see who gets most 
But you're the best prize of them all so easy to reach but to hard to resist but to piece the piece that makes this whole thing a piece is like finding world peace that we know is not at ease. 
Not to be nothing I'm not 
But we've been taught that happiness can't be bought 
So that is what they say 
And yet some people don't know what happiness 
is until inside they decay  
So far it's been ok but I've learned if you portray the world it I'll see better days 
What's the point of doing it big
If you end up in a hole that you yourself dig

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