'Melanie.Hart's Challenge May' - My Lemon Thief

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This is piece is for the 'Melanie.Hart's Challenge May' - Lemon Challenge.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



The day I met Bean, it was just your average scorching day. I was working, making some lemon jam when we met each other. I had begun to notice that a lot of my lemons have gone missing, only to turn up nibbled or sucked dry. I thought it was rats at first, but upon my discovery, found an unlikely friend. I guess would be better if I start at the beginning. 

Here we go.

"Mom, you back there?" Theresa, my eldest daughter, inquired.
"Yes, Honey." I shout back.

I place another lemon slice into the jar, pressing it down to make more room. I loved making jam. My latest attempt, Lemon Jam. I loved lemons overall and found this easy to follow recipe to make your own jam online. I already had three bottles packed and sealed. 

"Mom, Danny said we're not going to make dinner tonight." Theresa moaned. 
"Oh, well, that's a shame. We're you kids off to tonight?" I query.
"Danny's taking me to the Opera. He kept it secret. Otherwise, I would have told you sooner." She answered seriously.
"That's okay sweetheart. What's the play?" I ask while I looked over my shoulder.
"Phantom of the Opera." She chuckles. 
"What's so funny?" I stop turning around.
"It's just; we're going to watch a play, about a deformed man taking over a Opera. And we're going to be in the Opera." She jokingly says.
"Well, I'm sure the Phantom would rather watch the play about himself, than terrorizing the viewers." I laughingly reply.
"Yeah, it was just funny." She says while she lifts one of my lemon jams. "So anyway, I'll see you tomorrow." she replies, walking over and giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"Okay honey. You two have fun." I answer, watching her walk out the door.

I turn around, busying myself with preserving my lemons when I heard a strange sound. I stop squeezing my lemons into the jar, wiping my hands on my apron as I walked in the direction of the sound. Maybe it was a rat or something. Would explain the nibbles on my lemons. I walk into the dark underground store room, the temperature dropping a few degrees.

I fumble for the light switch, the sound of sucking and satisfied purring coming from within. Did rats purr? Come to think about it, could rats purr and sound satisfied? The light floods the darkness but reveals no hidden little monsters or rats. I shrug. I turn off the lights and walk back to my work bench.

I walk stop in front of my half filled jam jar. I don't know what it was or even if I could call a feeling, but something was definitely watching me. I don't want to turn around, my heart racing as a few very vivid images of my mangled body flash through my mind. My eyes scan my work table, my long carving knife just a few inches away. Do I grab it or make a run for it?

I decide to snatch the knife, this was my home and was going to defend it. I slowly turn around, hoping it was just my overactive imagination. My eyes scan the work room, but nothing seems to be out of order. I exhale, my shoulders sagging as I release the tension.

"Why be you scared?" Something questions behind me.

I scream like a banshee, swinging around. On top of my window sill, a weird squid-like creature perched. It had two bulging eyes, with six tentacles. I scream again. The squid makes a weird gurgle sound before its tentacles turned purple. 

"You be loud! You make my squiggles change color." the thing mumbles, looking down at this squigglers.

I shake my head, my mouth opening, and closing. I stand up straight, wondering if you could get high of lemon jam.

"You speak English?" I asked amazed.

The things eyes move independently, focusing back on me. I feel slightly unnerved, but strangely, not scared. I place the knife on the table, keeping it in my line of sight.

"Yes." It purrs. 
"S-so what a-are you?" I asked hesitantly.
"I be Squiggler. But be calling me Bean if you please." It, I mean Bean, offers.
"O-okay, Bean." I lick my lips. "So where do you come from?" I ask, pulling a chair closer.
"Bean is being from the sky." It cries gurgles. "Bean be stuck here."
"Oh, that' so sad." I say while I ponder the weirdness of this conversation and situation.
"Bean be sad, yes. Bean be scared. Bean like the squishy yellow orbs." He moans and squeaks.

I lift a lemon. "You mean these lemons?"
He whistles, one of his tentacles reaching out. "Bean likes, yes, Bean likes, Lemooons." It whistles again as I drop the lemon onto his tentacle.

The lemon disappears beneath his head? A sucking sound fills my ears. It was very unsettling to listen too, but I found myself very intrigued and amazed that there were Aliens out there. We sat and chatted for awhile, Bean popping lemons into his mouth, while I questioned his origins. Nothing really made all that much sense, but I found myself uncaring at the thought.

"Bean be tired now. Can Bean be coming back tomorrow?" He whistles and chirps, his eyes swinging back and forth.
"Of course you can Bean. I'll have a few fresh lemons ready for you." I smile encouragingly.
"Then Bean will be saying bye. You be a right person to Bean, Betty." It chirps. 

I smile, shocked when he jumps swings from the window sill. I watch it as it disappears into the cold space, a squiggle waving bye before it vanishes into the shadows.

And that is how I learned about My Lemon Thief. 


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