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self poetry

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017





(let go )
loved you with all my heart and you broke it with all your strength 
so I let you go because I had to let go 
loved you and adored, but you cracked me and broke me like a stick 
I guess am the fool how could I forget even Satan was an angel
Filled me with lies and I toke it like heaven
how ironic since am now going through hell
mirror mirror on the wall show me my true self
fighting with my body and soul trying to find myself
Trying to be who you want me to be to please you but my heart speaks a different language
Trying so hard to find myself but deeply hiding in the shadows, not wanting you to see the other side of me because it’s what you know I am but will never accept
torn between my heart, body, and soul
trying to find me 
hiding so deep in my lies of who I want you to see
so you don’t judge me
trying to find me like looking for the last one thousand piece of a broken heart
mirror mirror on the wall, will they love the true me or would they rather live in a lie, failing to face the truth
take your truth and lies and close the door out of my life
when I look back at our memories all I see is darkness
you all that needed to disappear for me to see the light and smile again
I told you am not like the rest but you didn't listen,
cracked my heart and I broke yours
I loved you so much you brought out the worst in me
falling in love is one of the biggest sins I have ever known
so I won't let another in 
because one crack and I just may break his heart too


(inside pain)
you've never been a killer 
but you words always feel 
like a bullet in the chest

you shine bright like an angel 
but your hearts so cold I can almost see Satan
inside pain...
yes, you're inside death.
broken....inside pain....


(dear ex-lover)
dear ex-lover so white you were with a mask so black I could hardly see your shadow.
dear ex-lover now that what you thought I would never know
you look so white I can almost see through your sins dear ex-lover.

(to my best friend )
when you say that I meant to see you
I want to see you too
and when I see pictures of us I want to see you even more 
but there are a million miles between us and four different seasons.......
time is so cruel, I seem to hate it these days
but if I get the power to stop it, will I get to you a little faster 
it's winter here but summer there.....
it was always two but now I feel all alone
but I know it's for the best .............
I'll wait for you, my best friend 
................even though a million miles apart we are unbreakable 
my sister, my love, my other half ....whats summer if you're not here to see the sun with me but I will wait for you 
.............because I know I'll see you again 
.........it's just that time is a little cruel these days I miss you and can't wait to see
(to be human)
to be human is to love 
to cry 
to blood 
to hurt and hurt 
to laugh and smile 
to find and lose hope 
to fight for the things that matter 
to be human is to never lose hope

have you ever loved so much that it turned to hatred 
cared so much that you just stopped caring 
got broken so many times that you forgot what I heart felt like 
have you been in so much darkness that it looked brighter than light
have you cried so much that it became normal,
have you ever been insulted that much that it became inoffensive and just sad 
have you ever been so lost in the world of pain, you forgot what it feels like to be happy 
have you ever been broken so bad it begun to feel like a body moving without a soul ...........
have you ever been broken you begun to view the world in pieces .................
love is like a gun without bullets but still, kills you 
an arrow that never misses its target
a heart that always cracks but never breaks
like a shadow that's always there but you never say it
like your reflection in the mirror, that only lets you see what you want, and never whats there
love is light and darkness
so bright and hopeful and yet so breaking and deadly


© Copyright 2017 martha k bowa also known as m.k.b or just M. All rights reserved.