Well I Told Them

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it is in your history! the potential emergence lies in 2021. beware the one who replaces our present leadership!

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017





What has happened to my childhood world?

Oh, how I long for the beauty, tranquility, and security that I once had.

So deep into this upside down life time has doth hurled

My being to the point that for the national future I feel so bad.


Once I was surrounded by woods and fields,

Flourishing with animals of every kind,

Living merrily from their bounteous yields,

Prosperity we could always find.


We all felt secure in our heritage past,

With huge fields surrounding massive doric estates,

Providing spectacular services to the surrounding people that

were very thankful when they handed us our pay.


What has happened to my childhood world?

Why do people now so viciously shun what it was that we once had?

Why this brutal attack on our heritage reminders?

In their ignorance they perceive individual liberty as being so bad!


They really believe that they can live for the broad collective,

At the expense of an individual few,

With their sacrificial lamb they are ever so selective,

Attacking all of those who embrace the freedom that we all once knew.


What has happened to the land of individual liberty?

Where lies the potential for prosperity from which we have become unglued?

Why are our leaders allowed to disregard our constitutional heritage?

Why must the majority submit before a corrupted few?


Say goodbye to your rights and property,

Toss the idea of labor for trade high into the wind!

Forego your savings and retirement account’s longevity!

Your horror is about to begin!


A private corporation is purchasing state prisons,

The law prohibiting man slaying electrified fences they have now undone.

I am saying that death camps loom on the horizon!

America beware the rise of a terrible black sun!



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