An Nuncle at Home

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In homes, sometimes unfaithfulness dwells. A partner may bring a friend of opposite sex when the other partner is not around. Lies will be used to protect the intruder. Homes build on love, trustfulness and once these fly away, the things change and so an uncle changes into an nuncle (my own invention)

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017




An Nuncle at Home


Harmony had governed the home

Kisses and hugs bloomed in their life

Trust abounded with his wife

Before an nuncle came home


Tsunami broke into the home

The day became the evening

Things changed causing screaming

For an nuncle visited home


He was namesake to her uncle

As he came from wandering

Met juice home, unknown juice

Infected juice he brought


He brought juice to his honey

That damaged the man’s love

Love fled away, honey became bitter

Appalling regret the nuncle caused


Openness and truthfulness

Build trust between lovers

Liars do so for a selfish reason

An nuncle is never an uncle




Poem by Mugisho N Theophile

© Copyright 2019 Mugisho N Theophile. All rights reserved.

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