Snow Days!!

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An adult remembers missing school due to inclimate weather.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



Snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Cold.  Bitter windchills.  Wind that seems to blow right through you.  Remember???

That's what I am thinking of as I sit here in air-conditioned comfort in my livingroom on this hot late-spring day.  Temperatures in the upper eighties to near ninety; snow seems but a distant memory right now, but it will be back in a little over six months from now.

And I am looking forward to it.  I really am.  I love winter; I hate summer.  I hate the heat and humidity.  Yet the only reason I live here in Texas is because of a job transfer and am definitely thinking of moving back to my Ohio home.  I miss seasons.  And I hate not having basements, especially during severe weather season, when there's a threat of large hail, damaging downburst winds, and tornadoes.

But I digress.  Let me get back to my story.

When I was a kid, we would look forward to winter, in the hopes of missing school due to bad weather.  Everytime there was a snow event predicted, we kids would pray to God in the hopes that it would really come to pass and we'd wake up the next day, snow covering the ground (and the vehicles); when it did snow, we'd turn on the radio first thing upon waking up and listen for the school cancellations.  When the announcers would announce our school district on the list, we kids would whoop and holler with joy!

We would then get our snow clothes on and go racng outside and just play in the snow for hours.  Or until our parents would call us in for some hot soup or chili to warm our chilled bones (and bodies) up.

Oh, it was wonderful!

I am praying that we have a winter this coming winter.  Seems the last few have been nothing but a bust: no cold whatsoever (or very little to speak of) and definitely no snow.  Only a cold, miserable rainfall (or even lightning, thunder, and yes, severe weather!! Can you even???).  Like last Christmas as an example: we had severe weather roll through and had nighttime tornadoes that did a lot of damage and killed people!  Crazy!!  It just seems all wrong and backwards: winter needs to be cold and snowy, NOT raining and throwing severe weather at you!

That is another reason why I want to move back to Ohio. Winters here in Texas are just too unpredictable: one day it can be cold and the next, blazing hot, almost like summer.  One never knows what to wear or how to act during this weather; a body can't get used to the ever-fluctuating temperatures, and it's no wonder so many people here are plagued with allergies or things like the cold or the flu!

If it doesn't snow this winter, I am definitely packing up and going north! To Ohio! :)  I have to have my seasons and my snowfall!!

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